Husband Cannot Contain His Freak-Out When He Discovers His Wife Is Pregnant

Filming a loved one’s reaction to a pregnancy announcement is a total no-brainer. In that one, small window of realization, you get to witness a totally vulnerable and unguarded side of that person which you would never get to see otherwise — and, judging by the average online views received by a pregnancy reveal video, it’s a moment that people want to see and live vicariously through, dammit!

And, even though there’s a barrage of videos featuring husbands reacting to their wives’ pregnancies, occasionally one stands out from the rest.

When 24-year-old Tania Perez-Gutierrez, a resident of Houston, Texas, discovered she was pregnant, she knew that she had to find a way to tell/surprise her husband of six months, Ronald Gutierrez. Perez-Gutierrez place her positive pregnancy tests and her ultrasound on the bed, beneath a baby toy, and called Ronald into the room.

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In all likelihood, she was not anticipating this kind of pure, unadulterated joy at the announcement of her pregnancy — but that’s exactly what she got, and it the adorableness is almost too much to bear.

Fortunately, the categorical Hallmark Moment was captured on camera, and posted to Twitter by Tania’s 18-year-old sister, Christina:

(And yes, if you watched that without getting a tad choked up, you’re probably some sort of monster.)

Christina told BuzzFeed that her sister had actually called her to brainstorm ideas for the big reveal. “She wanted him to know right away so she decided to go to Walmart and to buy a baby toy and put the ultrasound pictures inside.”

Needless to say, this soon-to-be aunt can’t help but swoon over the video, along with her Twitter followers.

“I’m away from home because of school and when my sister sent the video it filled my body with goosebumps.”

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