Vans Announced A ‘Toy Story’ Collection And We Can’t Deal

You’ve got a friend in me…those lyrics never fail to make us all kinds of nostalgic. No matter how much time passes or how old we get, Toy Story will always be a childhood treasure. How could it not be? Perhaps one of the best Disney Pixar films ever made, it introduced us to our favorite cast of characters like Woody and Buzz.

So, when we heard that the popular shoe line Vans, was releasing a Toy Story themed collection we about lost our minds and maybe cried several happy tears.

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Vans is releasing its very own Toy Story-themed shoes and we can’t deal.


Go ahead, give yourself a minute to freak out. This might be the best news we’ve heard since well, ever.

They announced the collection via Twitter Monday.

Yes, this is real life and these shoes our little kid hearts could only have dreamt of, will be available Oct.7th (FRIDAY!)

There will be 3 different Woody-inspired styles.


Among these are a pair of cowboy boot high tops, cow skin, brown leather and denim Old Skools, and Woody art Authentics. Not to mention, the soles have “ANDY” written across them just like Woody’s real boots.

Of course, there’s also a Buzz Lightyear design AND it glows in the dark.

We want them right now and do they come with the Buzz action figure? Asking for a friend…

There’s also a Sid’s mutant toys-inspired design for those who enjoy the darker side of life.


While these won’t be my first choice, I can still appreciate the dedication to every Toy Story character.

I NEED these Little Bo Peep shoes in my life like, now.

These are hands down my favorite design. Yes, they’re a little spring-colored for this time of year, but I don’t even care. I need them.

Needless to say, the world is pretty excited.

The collection will be available TOMORROW, Oct. 7th at Vans stores everywhere. Yes, it’s okay to get emotional because you’re never too old for Toy Story.

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