11 Times Samantha Bee Won This Election

On November 8, we’ll finally find out if we’re destined for a President Clinton or a President Trump, but, in reality, this election has already been won. Our real leader is a feisty, fearless, whip-smart, and hilarious comedian who’s dominated the late night TV scene in 2016. I’m talking about the one and only Samantha Bee.

On her hit TBS show Full Frontal, Bee has rewritten the book on election coverage and offered a much-needed intersectional feminist perspective throughout this shitshow of presidential campaigning. She never fails to express our outrage for us, speak truth to power, and call out politicians and pundits for their blatant sexism, hypocrisy, and dishonesty. Here are the big moments when Samantha Bee stole the show and made us long for her presence (with John Stewart as her VP) on this year’s ballot.

1. When she perfectly summed up the 2016 primaries

Once the primaries came to an end, Bee gave us the recap we needed with her segment called, “The 2016 Primaries: What The Fuck Happened?”

2. The time she presented a glorious montage of Ted Cruz insults

When Ted Cruz officially dropped out of the presidential race, Bee sent him off with the world’s most glorious highlight reel of all the times she made fun of him.

3. When she told us how she really felt about the Trump-Pence logo

How did no one in the Trump camp see this coming?

4. That time she interviewed Trump supporters

Bee invited a group of “elite Trump die-hards” on the show to have a respectful discussion about their candidate, which she summed up by saying, “Watching someone choke down a piece of their soul just to belong broke my fact-checker.”

5. When she schooled Eric Trump on sexual harassment

During Fox News chief Roger Ailes’ sexual harassment scandal, Trump’s son, Eric, said his sister, Ivanka, would never “allow” herself to be harassed, because she’s a “strong, powerful” woman. Bee did all of us a favor and put him in his place.

6. When she offered her breakdown of the first presidential debate

Bee did what the the debate moderator couldn’t and called out the candidates on their bullshit.

7. When she told Trump where to shove his taco bowl

Trump tweeted a photo of himself eating a taco bowl in Trump Tower in an attempt to show some sort of laughable, misguided appreciation for the same group of people he called “rapists” just a few weeks earlier. Samantha Bee called that shit out faster than he could Tide Stick the spilled refried beans off his tie.

8. When she told everyone to leave Hillary alone

“Be perfect, but not too perfect. Save us from fascism, but don’t be a bitch about it.” – Samantha Bee

9. That time she took on the veeps

Tim Kaine was notoriously soft during the vice presidential debate. Samantha Bee showed him how to be aggressive, b-e aggressive.

10. That time she parodied PussyGate

After Trump was caught talking about grabbing women by the pussy without consent, Bee responded with her own “leaked” tape of lewd comments.

11. When she gave Trump a real vagina monologue

Bee’s parody of Trump’s leaked sexual assault comments wasn’t her only response. On her show, she took him down with a scathing “vagina monologue” that should go down in history as the best Trump takedown of this election.

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