This Mom Clapped Back At Trump By Mailing Him Something Extra Special

By now, the world (or most of it) has grown beyond weary of Trump’s deplorable antics. The latest and perhaps worst comments made by this infamous candidate shed light on his less than respectful views of women.

Yes, we’re referring to the leaked tape where Trump says he can “grab them by the p***y.” We could rant for days about the disturbing nature of this tape, but one mom in Florida did something even better.

South Florida mom Emily Robinson was horrified after receiving a request to contribute to the Donald Trump Campaign, so she decided to get creative.

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Robinson, like many Americans was deeply disturbed by Trump’s sexist comments. So, when she received a mailer from his campaign requesting an “emergency contribution” she decided to protest in the best possible way.

Fortunately for the rest of the world, she shared this act of protest on Facebook and it’s spreading like wildfire.

Robinson, our queen, mailed the Trump Campaign a letter with a clump of her pubic hair attached. Yes, her pubes.

The letter read:

Dear Mr. Trump,
I am not able to mail you my actual pussy so I’ve included the next best thing.
Cheers, Emily

Underneath she taped the patch of her pubes.


Needless to say, Robinson’s post has now gone viral, receiving over 1,000 likes.

In an interview with Scary Mommy, Robinson said that the majority of responses are overwhelmingly positive, but there are a few haters out there and she doesn’t care.

“My pubes aren’t gross. They are just trimmed off, clean little hairs. A man who thinks it’s okay to talk about how he grabs pussies (in front of several other people on a bus) is way more gross than few taped down short ‘n curlies,” said Robinson.

She also made a point of acknowledging the fact that as a mother of two daughters, she could not be passive about Trump’s intimidating behavior.

“The list of badass women I know and their accomplishments is staggering. This one little thing I did – this silly little gesture – is not about this election. It’s about women not taking any more bullshit from sexist men and a sexist culture. I am a human, and a good one – not a pussy to be grabbed,” she said.

This is easily our favorite quote: I am a human, and a good one – not a pussy to be grabbed. 

Emily Robinson, you are our hero.


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