Trevor Noah Tells Trump: ‘It’s Not The Locker Room, It’s You, Motherf*cker!’

In the wake of Donald Trump’s leaked audio in which he boasts about his ability to grab women’s crotches without their consent, the nation has a few choice words for the former reality star and current presidential candidate. However, one sentiment in particular has stood out amidst the uproar, and that is:


After the Trump campaign excused the comments as merely “locker room talk” and “boys will be boys,” Trevor Noah decided to take dead aim at Trump on The Daily Show.

He began by pointing out that all the people saying that they were disgusted about the crude words on behalf of their female family members was incredibly misguided. “The Trump tape shouldn’t offend you on behalf of women — it should offend you as a human being.”

Why? Because there is a big difference between being gross and saying that you’ve committed an actual criminal offense.

“They’re conflating sex talk and sexual assault talk … there is a big difference between saying dirty words, and glorifying nonconsensual sexual contact. Not ‘every guy’ has these conversations, no — that’s a crime! … Yeah, guys talk dirty, but guys are not all having conversations about sexual assault!”

The scandal here isn’t coming from the lewdness of Trump’s language — it’s coming from the intention behind it.

“It feels like more people on focused on ‘He said pussy!,’ [but] it’s not about that. It’s about him saying he forces himself on women.”

And the whole locker room excuse is utter nonsense, particularly when you consider that Trump was technically at work.

“Trump can try to excuse his behavior by calling it ‘locker room talk,’ but you realize: he wasn’t in a locker room! He was at a TV interview! If you conduct ‘locker room talk’ everywhere, it’s not the locker room, it’s YOU, motherf*cker!”

And there you have it: your excuse is bullshit, Trump. So perhaps you should try actually apologizing instead?

Incidentally, Trump’s cohost for the TV segment, Billy Bush, was indefinitely suspended from NBC for his participation in the lewd conversation. Which is somewhat gratifying, but hardly makes up for the fact that Trump is still a viable candidate.

“Welcome to the 2016 presidential election: if you’re on TV and you say something that offends the nation, you’re gonna lose your job. But don’t worry — you can still run for President.”

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