Eric Trump Used An ‘If Only Men Voted’ Map To Show His Dad’s ‘Momentum’

You guys, my prayers have finally been answered: Eric Trump has done something new for me to laugh about.

As you may be aware, Eric is my favorite of the Trump children. (I use the term “favorite” in the same manner that I would talk about “My favorite types of skin rashes.”). There is a certain ineptitude that is only specific to Eric that I find both hilarious and weirdly endearing. (Again, I use “endearing” in the same sense that I would say “This racist finger-painting done by a child is kind of endearing.”)

Fortunately for me (and you!), Eric Trump has resurfaced in the news cycle, and it’s every bit as glorious as I could have hoped.

On Wednesday morning, Donald Trump’s son, Eric, sent out an email to the Trump campaign supporters entitled “Momentum.” The email basically endeavored to assure constituents that everything was FINE and that the Trump campaign was DEFINITELY NOT TURNING INTO A GARBAGE FIRE.

“As one of the most dedicated grassroots leaders in the country you know, momentum matters,” the email reads. “And right now all the momentum is on our side.”

“We’re making huge gains against Crooked Hillary that you can see for yourself,” Eric Trump, Professional Email Writer continued. He then shared the following GIF, with the implication that the states in red were states that Trump was actually expected to win.


The only problem? That GIF is based on a map which was created by FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver, and actually depicts what the electoral map would look like if only men were voting in this election.

Yes. If NO WOMEN went to the polls on November 8th, the electoral map would look as red as a blustering Donald Trump.

Here’s what the electoral map would look like if only women were voting:

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Naturally, the Twitterverse was quick to laugh off the faux statistics, and happily pointed out that, unfortunately for Trump, women WILL INDEED be voting in this election.

While this news could (and should) simply be an additional example of Eric Trump’s incompetence, Trump supporters have taken this revelation and run with it (while holding torches and pitchforks).

Trump voters are now tweeting out messages with the hashtag #repealthe19th.

If you need a history lesson (it’s okay, I forgive you), the 19 Amendment was the edict which allowed women the right to vote.

So, essentially, (some) Trump supporters believe it is worth taking away women’s rights in order to get what they want. And yes — some of those tweeting out this hashtag are indeed women.

So, yes. This is where we collectively are now, as a country: fudging statistics and attempting to repeal women’s right to vote. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I will not be happier than when this election cycle is finally over.

In the meantime, here is a slightly more heartening electoral map:

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