We Made Our Own Pumpkin Keg And It Wasn’t A Complete Disaster

We still can’t believe that Halloween is just around the corner. If you couldn’t already tell, it’s one of our all-time favorite holidays. What’s not to love? Scary movies, creative costumes, candy galore, and of course booze.

Though we aren’t always the most successful when it comes to any kind of crafty DIY projects, we figured this year we should try something new to get us ready for such a spooky holiday. Thus, the pumpkin keg project was born and let’s just say it wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty damn close.

In the spirit of Halloween and booze, our Berry editors decided to get a little creative.


After sifting through several Pinterest-esque DIY projects, we came across the Pumpkin Keg. It seemed simple enough and it included booze, so we got to planning.

Getting started


In order to build our pumpkin keg, we had to gather a few supplies:

One large-ish pumpkin

A spigot (or tap)

A pumpkin scraper

A knife (and possibly power drill)


A sense of humor (because it just makes life easier)

Step 1: Carve out the top

we made our own pumpkin keg 24 We Made Our Own Pumpkin Keg And It Wasnt A Complete Disaster

To begin, our craft aficionado Justina carefully carved out the top of the pumpkin.

Step 2: Clean the inside of the pumpkin


Once the pumpkin was topless (pun intended) she scraped out the gooey insides as Jen and I watched and drank wine.

Step 3: Get rid of the seeds


Next, it was time to get rid of the seeds. Apparently, Jen wasn’t quite ready to let go yet.

Step 4: Outline the base of the tap


Then, Justina outlined the base of the tap so we knew where to carve. Also, because Jen and I are a bit artistically challenged.

Pro Tip: When finding a spot for the tap, make sure it’s low enough get the last dregs of your pumpkin, but not so low that it’s not flat against the side.

Step 5: Choose your carving instrument


When it came time to carve out our spigot hole, we had a choice to make. Yes, it is normal to be frightened by Jen holding two very deadly weapons.

Step 6: Carefully carve the tap hole


After trying the knife a few times, we learned it wouldn’t be quite tough enough to handle the job. So, we went for the power drill VERY carefully.

Step 7: Look like a total badass


Needless to say, Justina cut through the pumpkin with ease and looked like a badass while doing so. Slay, queen.

Step 8: Insert the tap


Then, it was time to attach the tap. Once securely fastened we were quick to grab our beer bottles.

Step 9: Pour in your beer of choice


After turning the pumpkin right side up (an obvious, yet important step) we began to add all of the beer.

Pro Tip: make sure you have enough beer to cover the tap, we had to go out for more.

Step 10: Replace the top and admire your beautiful work


We then replaced the pumpkin’s top and voila, a beautiful pumpkin keg was born.

Step 11: Pour yourself a glass


Finally, it was time to grab a glass and pour ourselves a nice hefty beer.

And enjoy!


Cheers to Justina’s (and Jen’s) very hard work!

But don’t expect Jen to wait for you…


Of course, Jen doesn’t waste any time when it comes to pumpkin beer.

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