15 Ways To Treat Yo’ Self On A Budget

If you were unaware, today is Treat Yo’ Self Day — a holiday made famous by the luxe-loving Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. As such, today is the time to indulge your more glamorous and materialistic side. However, this can be a little tricky if you’re, well … flat-ass broke.

For those of us who need to be a bit more frugal with how we “treat” ourselves, here are some ideas that will encourage you to pamper yourself without going on a spending spree.

Because, no matter what your budget, you deserve a day dedicated to your inner Rich Bitch.

1. Fill up your online shopping cart with things you plan to purchase later.

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Yes, some people may find this excruciating, but it’s actually a pretty practical habit to get into. This way, not only do you get the satisfaction of shopping (sort of), but you have plenty of time to determine whether or not you really want to buy something before you finally pull the trigger and checkout.

2. Give yourself a home pedicure.

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Infinitely easier than attempting to give yourself a home manicure (how are you supposed to paint your right hand??), and all you really need are a few basic medicine cabinet accoutrements and some nail polish.

3. Put some fresh flowers on the kitchen table.

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Fresh flowers can be quite inexpensive, and their presence in your home will make you feel super fancy and refined (as long as you’ve cleaned up all the dirty dishes first).

4. Buy one new dramatic piece for your makeup collection.

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Check out Berry’s list of the best cheap makeup products to pick out your cosmetic of choice, then just pop over to the drugstore. Your entire makeup routine will feel more exciting with the simple addition of a new component.

5. Create a homemade face mask.

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A few easy grocery store ingredient can give you the illusion of your own luxury spa at home.

6. Go to a high-end store just to try on shoes.

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Again, possibly too excruciating for true shopaholics — but there is something about the feel of pricey shoes on your feet that is strangely calming.

7. Get some new comfy socks.

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I know, I know — socks? But trust me on this one. New, clean socks will make you feel like a classy adult, and will also keep you cozy while you’re lounging.

8. Buy stemware from Goodwill and drink cheap champagne out of it.

The glassware at Goodwill is pretty awesome and eclectic, and provides the perfect vessel for a bottle of cheap-but-gets-the-job-done champagne.

9. Buy one new piece of lingerie.

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One single lingerie item won’t actually run up your credit card (if you choose wisely), and you’ll feel rich AF.

10. Try out meditation recordings.

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Sometimes you need to treat your spirit as well as your mind and body. You can download podcasts or apps to help guide you on your meditative journey, and take comfort in that fact that you’re indulging in some serious self-care.

11. Buy some sweet-scented bubblebath and light some candles.

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It’s weird how bubbles and candles have the ability to make anyone feel fancy, but the combination is surprisingly potent.

12. Buy an actual glossy magazine.

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Nobody reads magazines anymore. The great thing about magazines is that they aren’t terribly expensive, but are still essentially a luxury item. Curl up with one while you’re downing that cheap champagne.

13. Get yourself the two-ply toilet paper.

92448529 15 Ways To Treat Yo Self On A Budget

Your ass DESERVES it!

14. Go to Sephora and go overboard on some perfume samples.

92493551 15 Ways To Treat Yo Self On A Budget

Some people feel weird about pimping out employees for samples, but I’m telling you: they don’t really give a f*ck. Besides, who would purchase a new perfume without wearing it for a few days first? If anything, you’re just being practical!

15. Eat a damn donut.

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Donuts are cheap, donuts are delicious, and donuts have no health benefit whatsoever. Is there ANY better way to treat yourself?

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