15 Tiny Tattoos To Satisfy Your Inner Nerd

Tiny tattoos are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They’re cute, trendy, and they contain the perfect level of commitment for people who really want some ink but are afraid of anything too noticeable. Depending upon placement, those small tatts can be your little secret – or the perfect accessory to be shown off every day. The other great thing about tiny tatts? The options are pretty much endless. You can go the quote route, or the geometric route. You can choose something super ~girly~ or something mysterious.

For self-professed geeks, tattoos are sometimes the greatest way to showcase your loyalty to a fandom (or, like, to science.) If you’re thinking about getting inked but are unsure of what to get, just let your inner nerd lead the way. Here are 15 amazingly geeky tattoos that you just won’t be able to resist.

 1. These love tattoos inspired by Lord of the Rings.

Take the “wedding ring” tattoo to a new level with Elvish script on your ring finger. No one understands romance like Aragorn and Arwen.

2. This important Harry Potter message.

Only true Harry Potter fans will understand the meaning of this ambiguous tattoo.

3. BFF tattoos à la Stranger Things.

The little tree branch just adds that je ne sais quoi to the signature “011” tatt.

4. And this ~adorable~ Star Wars ink

Here's a mini #r2d2tattoo from @danmcnab #maythe4th #starwarstattoo Happy Star Wars Day!

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Um….we are obsessed with this. How cute is this little R2D2 foot tattoo?! Beep-bop-boop-bop!

5. Only Star Trek fans would understand what these three lines mean.

To an outsider, these are just three random dashes. But to a Trekkie, it’s everything.

6. And this ink is a secret just for Dr. Who fans.

Behind-the-ear tattoos are super trendy these days, as they’re pretty easy to hide if you have long hair. Take it to the next level by inking a reference to your favorite TV show.

7. Here’s one for geography nerds.

Instead of tattooing a meaningful quote, tattoo a meaningful place by using the coordinates.

8. And one for photography nerds.

This would also be a fun twist on “matching” tattoos with your bestie – one of you could get the camera, and the other gets the roll of film.

9. And, of course, one for astrology nerds.

Constellations make the perfect tattoo. It’s essentially a game of connect-the-dots on your body.

10. Throw it back to your childhood with a Pokémon tattoo.

Little Pikachu to start the day! #pokemon #pokemontattoo #pikachu #pikachutattoo

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Pikachu! I choose you!

11. For literary nerds, The Little Prince has your back.

El Principito #littleprince #repost #littleprincetattoo #elprincipito #readers #tattoo #books #bookslover #libros #lectores

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That teeny elephant is perfect for a small black-and-white outline tatt.

11. And if Hunger Games is your jam, there’s this perfect tiny ink.

Real or not real?🏹

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It’s so “real.”

12. For Game of Thrones geeks, weaponry is the way to go.

Look at the details on this one!

13. If you were all about the math team in high school, obviously a pi tattoo is necessary.


14. Or if you found your home in the chem lab, consider tattooing an element on your body.

Everyone has a favorite element on the periodic table right? No, just me?

15. And last but not least, here’s pretty much the ultimate in geekdom:

Legend of Zelda tattoo. You’re welcome.

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