5 Signs Your Boss Is Running Your Life

The relationship between employee and employer can be difficult to navigate at times. On one hand, you never want to bite the hand that feeds you, but on the other there are times where your boss assumes the fact that they sign your paychecks means they have complete control over your entire life.

The first time I realized a boss of mine was running my life is when I was told to read 300+ emails a day prior to coming in for my shift at my first editorial job out of college. This meant in addition to my eight hour writing shift, I was required to read and edit other pieces of content hours before my shift started. I remember going to sleep each day with my eyes heavy from staring at a computer screen. My work life made it impossible for me to do laundry, cook, or make time for the gym, and as a result I looked like a zombie with a B.O problem most hours of the day. Eventually I left the job because as much as I loved the idea of eventually being a full-time editor, I loved having time to take care of myself more.

In light of Boss Day being today, I wanted to give all you hard working millennials some insight into when enough is enough. No matter how married you are to your job, here are five signs your boss is running your life and it is time to get out of there.

1. You Stress On Weekends

Even though it is the freakin’ weekend you never feel like you can unplug or relax. You find yourself checking in on your boss even when you’re at Happy Hour with friends to see if they need anything, and you’re always afraid to get too turnt just in case there is a crisis and you need to have a clear mind in order to handle it. Even on your days of rest you consider heading into the office for a few hours in order to get ahead for Monday despite the fact you’re not being paid enough for that crap.

2. You’re Always Checking Your Work Email

At dinner. At breakfast. Before you go to bed. The moment you wake up. In the shower. At a red light. You’re glued to your phone because you’re terrified that your boss will send you an important email and you’ll miss it. A watched inbox never pings! Or at least that it what you tell yourself in order to make it through the day.

3. You Can’t Make Plans

You’ve found it is basically impossible to make plans ahead of time because you’re never sure when you’ll have to stay late at the office or attend a work function after hours. Your boss usually doesn’t let you know when they’ll need you to stay late, so you’ve gotten tired of having to cancel plans last minute and have settled for being a social hermit.

4. You’ve Changed Your Eating/ Sleeping Habits

You’ve noticed that you’re eating and sleeping less because of how demanding your boss is. If he/ she doesn’t like it when you eat at your desk, you find yourself sneaking off to the bathroom to scarf down a sandwich in five minutes. You also find yourself tossing and turning at night wondering what new horrors your boss will have in store for you bright and early tomorrow. If your boss is affecting your life in such a way that you’ve adjusted habits outside of world, it is time to search for a new job.

5. You Feel Like You’re On Autopilot

One of the most easily detectable signs that your boss is running your life is that you feel as if your life is not your own. If you’re afraid to turn off your phone after hours and truly let go, because you’re not sure when the next work crisis will hit, then you understand this feeling. A lot of the times it feels as if you’re a puppet and your boss is pulling all your strings. Even if they’re not physically around, you hear them in your head telling you to file expense reports or respond to a google calendar invite for them. If you’ve begun to feel like a robot that your boss is pushing the buttons for, it is time to come to peace with the fact that your boss is running your entire life.

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