Chrissy Teigen Got Naked To Wish Her Friend Happy Birthday

Chrissy Teigen is easily one of the most stylish women in Hollywood, but yesterday she took a decidedly new approach to fashion to wish her friend a happy birthday on Instagram. The swimsuit model, wife to John Legend, and dream bestie of every woman on earth stripped all the way down to her birthday suit to give a b-day shoutout to her publicist, Marisa Martins.

In a cheeky photo posted late Sunday, Teigen posed completely naked on what looks like a hotel room chair.


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In the photo, the model is staring up at the ceiling and covering her bust with her arms, while John Legend’s strategically placed head takes on the task of hiding her butt. He doesn’t look like he minds the job one bit.

“Happy birthday,@MARISAMXO,” the photo’s caption reads. And, we’re sure her publicist has had a great Monday fielding phone calls about Chrissy’s naked photo breaking the internet a la Kim Kardashian.

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Teigen, who recently made her Twitter account private to avoid online negativity, notably turned off the comments on the naked photo.

Presumably, she did this to avoid having internet strangers talk about her bod. Since she’s a Sports Illustrated model, Teigen is hardly a stranger to stripping down in front of a camera, but the mom of one did did tell People magazine earlier this month that she’s “still definitely not comfortable” with the way her post-baby body looks naked or in a bikini. After all, she only gave birth to her daughter, Luna, a measly six months ago.

Teigen may not feel camera-ready, but everything about this photo is goals AF.

From the dramatic pose to the way she used John’s head to keep it SFW, it’s on-point. We may be missing her tweets, but we’re glad we can still see Chrissy and John in all their zany, adorable glory on Insta.

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