17 Ridiculously Inappropriate Halloween Costumes For Kids

Halloween is an interesting holiday. On the one hand, it’s all about scaring the shit out of you with fright fests, ghosts, goblins, and the thought of an orange boogeyman becoming the president.

On the other hand, those celebrating use Halloween as a way to get their funny on. Punny, topical, and general SNL-inspired getups are often the ones to win the costume contests. I mean, who doesn’t love a costume born from a ridiculous sense of humor?

You’ll give standing Os—or find yourself very offended—by these 17 inappropriate kid costumes.

1. Johnny Depp needs to be alerted about his mini-doppleganger. Also, this is a bit disturbing, no?

2. Smokin’ NOT

3. Crabby kid

4. Same idea, different kid. Still looks terrified.

5. Homeless baby? Really?

Worlds cutest niece! Homeless Milly. No tricks here!

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6. You know the only thing missing in this Bob Marley costume…

7. Not at all vegan-friendly

8. Wasted baby

9. Cute! But hopefully they’ve never seen the movie.

Mês de Halloween 👻🎃 #babycostume #kids #halloween #chuckie

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10. The (Almost) Walking Dead

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11. No words

12. Hopefully this girl will have different goals for herself…

13. Poor kid

14. Drug-dealin’ kids

15. And this kid thought he was a ghost. Ha!

I thought I was a #ghost #fbf #halloween #inappropriatecostumes

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16. Because why not make your kid a cannibalistic serial killer?

17. No. Just. No.

Channeling her inner Rick Ross 😂😂 #BitchBettaHaveMyMoney #BabyPimp

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