8 Sneaky Ways To Spy On Your Crush On Social Media

For the record, I believe that trust and honesty are the two most important tenets of any relationships or potential relationships.

That said — sometimes, you just can’t help but spy on your crush or significant other via social media. After all, what if they’re a member of a dating site that you don’t know about? What if they have a secret Instagram account that you’ve never seen?

If you’re feeling like an internet sleuth who wants to snoop on their significant other, there are certain methods (which I don’t officially condone, mind you), that will help you to get nosy on your boyfriend’s social media activities.

Here are some tips that will help you to feel like a super-sneak when it comes to spying on your crush. Just be forewarned: I do not guarantee palatable results, and you may be appalled by what you find.

Other than that, happy snooping!

1. Label them as a “Close Friend” on Facebook.

facebook dropdown close friends1 8 Sneaky Ways To Spy On Your Crush On Social Media


You can get notifications whenever anyone who is classified as a “Close Friend” posts to Facebook (which makes it easy to stay abreast on the activity of *ahem* certain individuals).  All you have to do is go to “Settings,” click on “Notifications,” and then turn them on for all of your “Close Friends.” The only catch? If any of your other Facebook friends are classified as “Close,” you’ll automatically get notifications about their activity as well.

2. Reverse Google Image Search.

unnamed1 8 Sneaky Ways To Spy On Your Crush On Social Media

If your crush has a profile picture they use frequently (particularly an older one), using a reverse Google Image search will turn up any social media account which has used that photo. Pretty handy for digging up any embarrassing MySpace pages.

3. Utilize Facebook’s Graph Search.

fbgraphsearch 8 Sneaky Ways To Spy On Your Crush On Social Media

The bad news: the information you post on Facebook is more public than you think it is. The good news: this makes it easier to search for specific people (or multiple accounts from one person). The Facebook Graph Search allows you to type in a name and geographic location and automatically get a list of search results for those specific parameters.

4. Type their email into Spokeo.

spokeo vertical logo 8 Sneaky Ways To Spy On Your Crush On Social Media

Spokeo is a bit archaic (and, full disclosure, doesn’t always work), but it essentially allows you to search whether or not there are any social media accounts linked to a specific email address. Since people rarely create new email addresses for varying social media accounts, the results are usually pretty accurate.

5. Take a gander at the Instagram photo map.

tumblr m8uthghbey1qm4rc3 8 Sneaky Ways To Spy On Your Crush On Social Media

If they post a photo in a particular location, you can look up other photos that have recently been posted from that same location — and possibly even get an idea of who they were with when they took the photo. Just click on the location labeled above the photo, and scan the recent photos taken at that particular location. Yes, this is lunatic behavior, but YOU WANTED TO KNOW.

6. Instagram tagged photos.

instagram tagging1 1 8 Sneaky Ways To Spy On Your Crush On Social Media

This one is pretty basic, but people often forget it exists. Go to to their “Tagged Photos” tab to see which pictures other people have taken of them. Though it’s possible to hide tagged photos from this file, people usually forget to do this. Looking through their tagged photos on Instagram will give you a better idea of who they’re hanging out with on a regular basis.

7. Create a Twitter alert.

screen shot 2016 10 16 at 3 49 55 pm 8 Sneaky Ways To Spy On Your Crush On Social Media

If you go to your Twitter settings, you can create a mobile alert for your crush’s username — so get a text every time they create a tweet. While this isn’t exactly a secret, it will certainly make your snooping process that much easier.

8. Look up their username on Knowem.

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 3.53.00 PM.png

People are creatures of habit. Therefore, whatever username they choose for their Instagram or Twitter handle is probably their go-to username for any other social media accounts they might have. Knowem looks up all accounts associated with a particular username, so you can see if they’re on other social sites you don’t know about.

Just beware: you may not like what you find.

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