14 Things You Can Do With Your Leftover Pumpkin Carvings

Carving pumpkins is the perfect arts and crafts project. It’s ridiculously artistic and if you throw drinking in the mix, it’s super social. I mean, who doesn’t love a pumpkin carving session?

While your portable pumpkin can sit proudly on your front stoop for a few weeks, it’s the inside gook you just carved out that needs immediate attention. After all, it’s always what’s inside that counts, right? Instead of throwing it right into the trash can, here’s the scoop on some alternatives.

1. Pumpkin puree

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Cook up some yummy pumpkin puree for your little one – or for yourself! Check out Alton Brown’s recipe. And, if you had a pretty serious pumpkin carving party and have lots pumpkin puree, here are 21 recipes you can make with the puree. Fucking meta.

2. Hair masque

Manage your mane with a very simple DIY hair mask. Ingredients include coconut and honey. Basically, you can also eat it.

3. Roast dem seeds

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Roasted pumpkin seeds are really yummy. More importantly, they’re a sex boosting food that increases the natural libido. They’ll be ready in under an hour. Check out the recipe.

4. PSL, y’all!

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What’s the fall with a pumpkin spiced latte? Fuck Starbucks and their ridiculously priced menu (she says, as she sips her cafe mocha). Try to make your very own pumpkin spiced latte.

5. Pumpkin pedicure

Treat your feet to a DIY pumpkin pedi. Check out this tutorial video for a how-to.

6. Pumpkin, beef, and black bean chili

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Hey, when it’s chilly, make chili! This hearty recipe packs a punch and will keep you warm when the temps are low.

7. Pumpkin spiced waffles

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If you’re carving late on a Saturday night, consider a pumpkin-themed brunch the following morning. Food blogger Cookie + Kate‘s gluten-free waffles are healthy and a breeze to make.

8. Pumpkin bread

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After a few ingredients, a turn of the whisk and a while in the oven, you too can have your very own pumpkin bread to nosh on.

9. Face masks

If you have 20 minutes, honey, milk and pumpkin guts, you’ve got yourself a pumpkin face mask.

10. Parmesan Pumpkin Fries

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No, like these are a real thing. There are a lot of different pumpkin fry recipe varieties, but this parmesan one is to die for. Move aside, regular and sweet potatoes—you might want to sit back down on the couch.

11. Dog treats

Stop being so selfish, dammit! Fido needs celebrate your harvest as well, right? These peanut butter pumpkin dog treats are sure to make your pup fetch.

12. Pumpkin butterScreen Shot 2016-10-11 at 6.37.30 PM.png

Legit, you’ll want to spread this on everything. From toast to waffles, or even mixed with Nutella or oatmeal. All you need is 20 minutes, and your pumpkin butter will be ready!

13. Pumpkin pizza

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Not sure what other information you need here. It’s pumpkin. And it’s pizza. Go make it right now!

14. Lip scrub

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 6.39.13 PM.png

Put the plump in pumpkin with this DIY pumpkin lip scrub. Pucker up!

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