These Steamy Harry Potter Boudoir Photos Will Make You Reach For Your Magic Wand

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t experience some form of sexual awakening during the course of the Harry Potter films. For most of us who grew up alongside the series, we entered our transformation into young adulthood sexually and intellectually around the same time as the wizarding trio.

For me, it was while watching the third installment of the series: The Prisoner of Azkaban that I really started to notice my attraction to Harry’s angsty teenage character (and Daniel Radcliffe of course.)

Needless to say, when we recently came across one photographer’s sexy Harry Potter-themed photoshoot we couldn’t help but let ourselves be transported back to those early years and maybe become a little aroused. Sorry not sorry.

Oklahoma City photographer Sarah Hester created an unbelievably steamy Harry Potter boudoir shoot.


We might just need a minute here…Harry never looked so good.

Hester teamed up with model/photographer and unbelievably gorgeous Zachary Howell to reimagine a slightly more stripped down version of The Chosen One.

In an email to Berry, Hester explained how the glorious idea came to life.

“I met Zach during a meet up for photographers. He was modeling for us and helping with posing men. I mainly shoot females and I need a ton of help. I couldn’t remember his name so I started calling him “Harry”.  We joked about doing a Harry Potter boudoir sessions and decided it could be awesome. We scheduled the shoot for a week later.”

Even Hogwarts might not be ready for this level of magic.


I mean….


I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to watch Quidditch before…

Though, you would never have guessed it, this was actually photographer Hester’s first time shooting a male model. Fortunately, Howell made for a perfect subject to shoot.

“Zach was awesome to shoot! I was really uncomfortable shooting a man at first, but he made it easy. I had a great team that day and we all had a blast. I’ve never laughed more at a shoot.” she told Berry.

Maybe we’ll just need Zach to stop by our office for a few more photos…

This won’t be the last we see of Mr. Potter…


Well, at least not the last we see of Mr. Howell.

Photographer Hester was overwhelmed by the response her “dudeoir” shoot was receiving and admitted another project may be in the works.

“I’m totally shocked by how fast these photos have spread. It’s incredible. I posted them in a couple groups from my blog and 3 hours later I was getting emails from publications. Zach and I have a few other Geeky shoots in the works. Working with him is a lot of fun. He has a great perspective being a model and a photographer himself,” she told Berry.

Though, we’re partial to our Harry Potter hunk, we can’t wait to see what the pair will come up with next.

Until then, we can continue drooling over The Boy Who Lived.




For more of Sarah Hester’s work, you can follow her on Instagram and check our her website right here.

And if you need a little more Harry, I mean Zachary Howell in your life, feel free to peruse his Instagram.

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