Twitter Is Having A Friggin’ Field Day After Melania Trump’s Interview

Last night, Melania Trump sat down with Anderson Cooper on AC360° to discuss the recent allegations of sexual assault against her husband, Donald Trump, as well as his degrading comments towards women.

Naturally, Melania is adamant that the accusations against her husband are baseless, and that “they don’t have any facts.” (This is too sticky for me to even touch right now, so we’ll go ahead and ignore this particular claim for the moment.) However, it was her comments about former Today host, Billy Bush, that captured the internet’s collective interest.

Melania accused Billy Bush of “egging” Trump on during the infamous hot-mic clip, essentially placing the majority of the blame on the host.

Basically: boys will be boys, but some boys are WAY MORE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS than other boys.

Naturally, the Twitterverse was quick to jump on the accusation, adding their own spurious accounts of what Billy Bush “made” them do — and pointing out that susceptibility to peer pressure isn’t exactly presidential.


Melania also noted during the interview that she was concerned about the effects of bullying on social media, and thought it was “very damaging” to children.

A touching sentiment — but a point that is somewhat counterbalanced by her very own husband’s proclivity for stirring sh*t on Twitter, a fairly ironic point that was not lost on most viewers.

Of course, once could argue that all these snide tweets about Melania’s interview are probably perpetuating the bullying cycle somewhat …  right?

… Nah. I’m just gonna blame Billy Bush like everyone else.

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