This Wine Glass Fits Into Your Favorite Bottle So You Never Have To Share Again

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: wine isn’t just a drink, it’s a lifestyle. Anyone who values this sentiment as much as we do will be unbearably excited (maybe even a bit emotional) about a brand new product created for winos just like us.

Introducing, the Guzzle Buddy–a wine glass that you never have to refill.


Let’s be real, no one really stops at one glass of wine. We might say, “Oh just one glass tonight,” but we all know that’s a load of BS. Plus, when you’re out drinking at an event or show it can be unbelievably annoying to have to constantly refill plastic cups. Thanks to a genius new invention, you’ll never have to experience these inconveniences again.

Its unique design allows you to plug it right into your favorite wine bottle.


The Guzzle Buddy looks like your typical wine glass except the stem is replaced with a rubber spout which you can easily fit into any bottle of vino. It’s like drinking straight from the bottle except a little classier. This makes sipping easier and spilling a little more difficult, unless you’re Jennifer McCall of course.

Finally, a perfect excuse to never share your favorite bottle.


Think about it, the next time you’re invited to a BYOB party you can uncork your bottle, plug in your Guzzle Buddy and keep it with you to enjoy all night. Sorry not sorry, everyone else.

This brilliant product can be found on Amazon for only $15.

Now we know what to give all of our coworkers for Christmas this year.

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