12 Things Not To Say To Your Libra Partner

If you’re dating or in a relationship with a Libra, your bae was born somewhere between September 22 to October 22. An air sign ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty, Libras tend to be hopeless romantics who are constantly seeking balance and justice. They tend to avoid conflict at all costs. However, if you say one of these 12 things, you may be in for some major passive-aggressive side-eye. (Watch out.)

1. “I don’t care.”

Whether you’re talking about the election or where to grab takeout tonight, you’re going to drive your Libra up the freakin’ wall by refusing to make a decision. Sure, they tend to be a bit wishy-washy themselves, but when they look to you for your opinion, you better make sure you have one.

2. “Let’s just stay in”—for the seventh night that week

Being the lovey-dovey relationship people that they are, Libras adore one-on-one time. But they’re also social butterflies who need to get out and meet and greet to feel ~alive~.

3. “Sure, babe, you look great…especially for someone who’s in their 30s/has had a kid/who has a standing appointment at the derm, etc.”

Libras are naturally vain, so if you’re going to give them a compliment, give them the damn compliment, full stop! Avoid going about it in any sort of backhanded way, or else…

4. “Why do you need to keep fussing with the chairs/picture frame/couch/vase? It’s fine the way it is.”

Look, Libras need to feel like their environment is aesthetically-pleasing in order to feel centered emotionally. Do not question their attempts to make things just so.

5. “Do you really need to this much time to get ready?”

See #3 and #4. They’re going to take the time they need to style their outfit/do their makeup/fix their hair, so they look—and thus, feel—their best.

6. “I don’t get why you can’t just make up your mind.”

Remember what I said about wishy-washy? Air signs, in general, are the personification of the expression “fly by the seat of your pants.” Libras specifically struggle with decision-making—not necessarily because they don’t have an opinion on any given situation, but because they’re people pleasers and want everyone to be happy.

7. “Why were you flirting with (insert name of person who isn’t you)?”

If you’re actually in a committed relationship with your Libra, they probably only have eyes for you. But they’re often the life of the party and are in their element when flirting. Also, come on, it’s not their fault they’re so good-looking.

8. “It’s no big deal”—when they didn’t get invited to that wedding or big blow-out party their sorority sisters or frat brothers can’t stop talking about.

Not being included, or basically, being on the planning committee of a major social event is the biggest snub to a Libra. Show some sensitivity!

9. “I didn’t know you were actually pissed at me!”

If your bae is a Libra, you need to become fluent in passive-aggressive language they use to convey that they are actually enraged. They’d rather wear a really embarrassing outfit to a benefit gala (OK, maybe not, but…you get the idea) than freak TF out on you. Learn to recognize how they express—or, you know, repress—their anger.


Or any other completely unhinged rant that may come out of your mouth regarding the election/the neighbors putting their garbage in your trash/sky-rocketing airfares/your mother, whatever! Libras need ~harmony~. Do. Not. Disturb.

11. “Well, you could’ve started sooner, right?” regarding a project that they waited until the last minute to tackle

They’re procrastinators. It’s their thing. No judging.

12. “Yeah, I don’t believe in marriage…”

If your Libra would ever in a million years freak TF out about something, it’s gonna be this. They live to find The One, have a fairy tale wedding, and live happily ever after. If you’re not on the same page, you’re probably with the wrong sign.

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