‘Fat Activists’ Actually Told This Plus-Size Model That She Should Go ‘Kill Herself’ After She Lost 250 Pounds

Rosie Mercado is a plus-sized model who, over the course of three years, altered her diet and lifestyle and lost roughly 250 pounds. Such a transformation (when done in a healthy and conscientious way) is incredible, and truly awe-inspiring. However, there are certain individuals who don’t exactly see it that way.

Mercado was always very candid and public about her weight-loss efforts, and posted countless photos and videos during her time at the gym. Naturally, she was proud of herself for her commitment to her personal weight-loss goals, and wanted to to share the results with her followers.

There were some select individuals, however, who felt like Mercado was somehow sending out a negative body image by pursuing any sort of weight loss. When TMZ caught up with Mercado at the airport, the model revealed that she had received loads of hate mail following her 250-pound weight loss.

She said:

I got hate mail from fans who told me to go jump off a bridge and kill myself … They just hated the thought that I was really public about my weight loss and that I was losing weight … I don’t think they liked how public I was about my weight loss and getting a tummy tuck and skin removal and just being authentic and real about it. But I’m happier at the end of the day.

If the focus of “body positivity” is the acceptance of all body types, regardless of their shape or size, then shouldn’t Mercado’s transformation be a source of inspiration rather than a target for criticism?

I’ll save you the suspense and spoil the answer for you: Yes. Yes, it should.

Fortunately, Mercado seems to have brushed off the obsessive haters, and appears to be living her best life.


People are the worst — but it’s nice to see someone shaking them off (please don’t sue me, Taylor Swift) and focusing on their personal sense of victory and happiness.

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