Kate McKinnon’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Outtakes Should Be Required Viewing For Every Human

Look, I get it: 2016, with a few notable exceptions, has been a somewhat dismal year. The current election is a giant trash fire, and we’re all probably exhausted from the constant stream of disgusting and disheartening news to come from this campaign season. You’re tired, I’m tired — we’re all tired.

Which why everyone should just take a moment to enjoy Kate McKinnon’s outtake from Ghostbusters.

The iconic remake was subject to considerable trolling well before its release (yet another nauseating detail from 2016), and stirred up more controversy than any franchise remake really deserves (especially since the laughable-but-maybe-not-in-a-good-way Ghostbusters 2 already existed in the universe). However, the release of the film “proved” that girls can be just as funny boys (for anyone who still thought that wasn’t a thing already).

More importantly, it proved that Kate McKinnon is a national treasure, and that she can riff like nobody’s friggin’ business.

Whether it’s singing about a hearse (which almost made me spit out my coffee), or smashing a guitar onstage, McKinnon’s got a multitude of improvised responses that never made it to the final edit of the film. Which is fair, since the movie would have been, like, an hour longer.

Fortunately, we still get to watch them and remind ourselves that everything isn’t totally terrible — because Kate McKinnon is still on SNL, and we get to celebrate her on a weekly basis.

So, go ahead and watch the outtakes. After the week you’ve had, you deserve it.

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