17 Women On The Most Unique Gifts They’ve Ever Received From A Partner

Gift giving can be extremely anxiety-inducing, even if it’s for a family member. What do they really want? Should I make them something? Is a gift card insulting? It gets much worse when it comes to shopping for that special someone in your life. I can only imagine the amount of stress men go through when they attempt to pick the perfect present for us.

Apparently some guys are knocking it out of the park, though. Reddit is chock full of women talking about the most adorably unique gifts they’ve ever received from an SO and the responses might just sweep you off your feet.

1. Fernmefern has a true romantic on her hands.

Favorite present from my now husband was when we first started dating. He wrote down dates and places of different things we had done together on little pieces of paper and put them in a little jar… i.e. ‘first kiss – 9/8/14 Hibernian Cafe’. It was adorable. I still have it and read through it sometimes.

2. Yes, taylorrae it’s the little things that count.

While not traditionally romantic, my SO took care of all of my little needs when I was overseas for two weeks. Gas tank filled, apartment spotless, laundry done, plus a bottle of my favorite wine waiting for us. I was so blown away by all of attention to detail!

3. rednoise_whiteplanet and her boyfriend are way too adorable.

He took me to an arcade and bought me like $100 worth of tokens and we played the same game for hours and then bought lots of the little cheap prizes. I still have them all, including a little mood ring with hearts on it, and a lamp that’s a shark that lights up different colors.

4. answerkey is a lucky girl.

My fiancé had to travel for a year and this would have been the first time we were apart. So he spent weeks putting together a box of gifts that would tide me through till the next time I saw him. Each gift was spritzed with my favourite cologne of his. & there was a note with a reason to be opened on each, such as “on a cold winter morning” (which was a pair of beautiful j.crew leather gloves) or on our anniversary. Although the gifts themselves were amazing, I was more blown away by how much thought he had put in to it.

5. This gift from heartandflower‘s SO is oddly sentimental in the best possible way.

I got a keychain from my bf that said ‘bad girl’ on it. It was the last keychain at the gift shop in niagra falls on canada day, and he knows that i love keychains. He waited in line for half an hour to buy it. I was kind of confused at first but then he explained “hey, it was either this or ‘alan'”.

I wear this thing on my keys on this day

6. Vaultbeast, you’ve got yourself a winner.

So, my first real boyfriend was an amazing man that listened to me and really cared about me. I like to tell stories about how my brothers and I grew up. One day I mentioned that every Christmas, I would fall asleep to the sound of my dad watching Monster Truck Jam on TV. Partly because of that memory, I love monster trucks. My boyfriend bought us tickets to go see them in person. He hated monster trucks. He hated the noise, the crowd, everything. But every year for my birthday, he bought tickets and took me to see them. It’s unique and romantic because I don’t know of many guys willing to forgo their own comfort like that for someone else. And he listened to me and surprised me with something that he knew would mean a lot to me. :’) That goofball.

7. emilymeaghan and her bf have a very interesting lifestyle.

Last year my boyfriend bought me a jersey cow. It’s not really unusual for our life style but I imagine not everyone ends up with a cow for Christmas.

8. Um, what do Swangrrl and her man get into?

A battle axe for our anniversary.

9. MesVonOtto‘s story might have us crying.

My husband is the romance master, but the way he proposed was the best. He went a bought a copy of a board game I wanted and opened it, placed the ring box inside and then went to Movie Trading Company and asked them to reseal the box for him. He says that the manager actually came out and shook his hand he was so impressed with the idea. That evening he gave me the game for my birthday. I had had a long day at the job I hated and I was very unenthusiastic. I just wanted to smoke a bowl and have a drink. So I took the box, said thank you and tried to move on. His friend who was there told me “there’s extra stuff in the box, limited edition!” I rolled my eyes and opened the box, started to look at a few things and set it down again. Friend again gave me a little push to keep digging and finally I saw the ring box, my brain dismissed it at first, then I looked again and girly squeal and queue tears. It was amazing.

10. Okay, so rubidiumheart‘s bf is pretty damn thoughtful.

My boyfriend goes to a big university, and I go to the little college right next to it. He knows how much I love my college (it’s the only thing that has helped me get through life) but not a lot of people even know it exists. He bought me a book of their history, read it beforehand and gave it to me. It meant a lot, because he took the time to learn more about something that I am so passionate about.

11. Saeleth should’ve appreciated her gift earlier on.

Unique. My ex once gave me a toothbrush. A toothbrush. Well, in his defense it was an electrical one and I actually wanted to have one but not for my birthday (women, right? How are you supposed to understand them.). I was expecting something romantic and when I opened it I was really bummed. We got into a huge fight over it.

That was around 4 years ago and I still use this toothbrush because its awesome. It’s the only present I got, that I actually still use to this day.

In the end, 9/10. Only wish he would know and I could say sorry for bitching about it in the first place.

12. maplecherry, where do we find a boyfriend like yours?

For my last birthday, my boyfriend got me a big world map for our apartment to put on the wall. Attached to this were photos of us in all the places we had traveled together and then labels for all of the places we want to go. We have done some wonderful trips together so far so there were a lot of my favorite pictures up there. The card was simple and just said “to my favorite person and travel partner, I can’t wait share more memories with you and add to this map as time goes on. I love you.”

13. Probably the most adorable 90s gesture we’ve ever heard, jenthejedi.

A CD of the song we first danced to.

14. I’m not crying, you’re crying msindalian.

The guy I was dating all through middle school, high school, and into college once got me a bouquet of roses with a note attached.

“I will love you until the last rose dies.”

It was an artificial rose, perfectly hidden amongst the bouquet.

It took me 12 years and my now husband and family to finally toss the rose. No gesture has ever topped that, I don’t even care if he stole it from somewhere. I’ll always love him but we just weren’t meant to be.

15. Well, rooftophugs at least he got creative.

For Christmas, my ex knew I wanted a Polaroid camera but he’d already bought another big item, so instead of buying me the camera, he printed out photos of us and for the white Polaroid pic border effect, he actually used wood and cut it up + painted it white to give the effect. He’s not a huge er wood cutting guy but he was creative. I’m kinda annoyed I didn’t keep one before I threw them out, but oh well.

16. redhousego‘s BF is a true hero.

I get really bad PMS; lots of mood swings, depression, the works. From a year or so after we started dating, my SO has always kept a period ‘kit’ for me. When I’m going through the most awful stomach cramps, or feeling really down and crying, he makes me some tea…wraps me in the softest throw we have, and hands me a bar of Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate 🙂

17. Seriously, shark-baby marry that man.

One time I was late to a rehearsal that I had completely forgotten was even on my schedule and I ran all the way there weeping because I was so scared of being fired for being unprofessional. (It ended up being fine, I just got reprimanded a bit.)

After rehearsal was over, I walked out of the building and he had shown up to pick me up. He had gotten me a piece of chocolate cake from the grocery store and a rubber duckie because “You can’t be sad when you’re holding a rubber duckie.”

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