13 Songs Every “Nasty Woman” Has On Her Go-To Playlist

As women, we’re expected to put up with this socially-constructed double standard surrounding our sexuality. Basically, we shouldn’t be too modest, but the slightest hint of something sexual and we’re automatically a slut. The bullshit is unbelievable my friends, and we’ve had enough.

So, the next time you feel like getting your sexy on, don’t let anyone shut you down. These kick-ass female artists are here to make you feel like the sexually empowered boss you really are. Slay queen, slay.

1. Kelly Rowand ft Lil Wayne – “Motivation”

When you need a little motivation (pun intended), you can always count on Kelly Rowland and her killer moves to make you feel like a total queen in the bedroom.

2. Cassie – “Me & U”

This song takes me back to high school and I still know most, if not all, of the words. Baby tell me if you like it…

3. Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink – “Lady Marmalade” (Moulin Rouge Version)

Let’s be honest, you can never get enough “Lady Marmalade.” Combine the voices of  Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya AND Pink, and you’ve got yourself one powerful female-driven track.

4. Lil’ Kim – “How Many Licks?”

It doesn’t get more sexually empowering than Lil’ Kim. I think we could all use a little dose of that ferocity in our lives (a little.)

5. Rihanna – “S&M”

Of course, we couldn’t have a female-driven sexy playlist without Rihanna’s “S&M.” It’s probably one of the most mainstream BDSM-inspired songs and we seriously can’t get these lyrics out of our head. Chains and whips excite me…

6. Madonna – “Burning Up”

It was quite the struggle narrowing down which Madonna song should be on this playlist, but we settled on “Burning Up.” Particularly due to these lyrics: Unlike the others I’d do anything, I’m not the same, I have no shame.

7. Janet Jackson – “Nasty”

We had to include this Janet track, partly due to its ridiculous surplus in plays following the presidential debate and also, because we could all use a little nasty in our lives, right?

8. Beyoncé – “Naughty Girl”

I mean, can you really have a sexually empowering playlist without the queen herself? I’m feeling sexy, I wanna hear you say my name…

9. Lana Del Rey – “National Anthem”

This is actually one of my favorite Lana Del Rey tracks and it doesn’t shy away from pure unbridled intimacy. You can’t keep your hands off me or your pants on.

10. Halsey – “Hold Me Down”

You may know her best from The Chainsmokers track “Closer,” but Halsey is also an insanely talented solo act and every single one of her tracks will make you feel like the boss you are.

11. Tove Lo – “Talking Body”

We would be remiss not to include the one and only Tove Lo especially when she’s literally “Talking Body.”

12. Selena Gomez – “Hands To Myself”

This Selena Gomez track seemed like the perfect addition to a playlist embracing female sexuality. Can’t keep my hands to myself…

13. Ciara – “Ride”

We round out our sexy female playlist with none other than Ciara and her song “Ride” ft Ludacris. Needless to say, she shuts it down.

Check out the full playlist here:

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