Britney Spears Had A Wardrobe Malfunction Onstage And Handled It Like A Damn Champion

As you are probably aware, Britney Spears is still rocking her Britney: Piece of Me residency in Las Vegas — which means that (praise be!) she is essentially performing lavish concerts constantly. Which is great for human beings everywhere, but a bit taxing on Britney’s wardrobe.

This weekend, Britney was performing at the Axis auditorium at Planet Hollywood when she experienced a potentially heinous wardrobe snafu: her bra started coming off.

During a performance of “I Love Rock ‘N Roll,” Spears found herself precariously holding up her top, which has inexplicably come undone. Which, for a lesser performer, could have easily been a nightmare — but for an entertainment vet like Spears, it was just a marginal snag in an otherwise flawless performance (which was probably aided by a teensy bit of lip-syncing, but whatever, I’m not here to judge).

Fortunately, her trusty flannel-clad backup dancers were on the scene to help secure her top so the show could go on.

However, the persistent wardrobe malfunction reared its ugly head once again during Spears’ performance of “Gimme More.” One of her backup dancers finally decided that enough was enough, and took off his shirt so that Britney could wear it for the remainder of the set (until a seamstress could get to her).

Which was extraordinarily gentlemanly of him — and also gave the rest of us an opportunity to relive the 90’s era Britney look, complete with a half-undone, midriff-baring button-down shirt.

screen shot 2016 10 24 at 11 23 35 am Britney Spears Had A Wardrobe Malfunction Onstage And Handled It Like A Damn Champion

Which is fitting, honestly, since yesterday marked the 18-year anniversary of the release of Britney’s debut single, “… Baby One More Time.”

Mind = blown.

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