Ryan Gosling Was Almost Cast In ‘Gilmore Girls’ And We Might Need A Minute

In lieu of the highly anticipated Gilmore Girls reboot (only 31 days away eek!), a lucky group of fans are enjoying all sorts of Stars Hollow IRL activities at the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest in Connecticut. We could not be more jealous, but that isn’t stopping us from living vicariously through all of the footage from the weekend.

Aside from the typical Rory and Lorelai-inspired activities and cast appearances (omg), the fest has given fans loads of inside scoop about the revival. For instance, a certain Hollywood babe originally auditioned for the series, but was turned down.

Gilmore Girls casting director told a group of shocked fans that Ryan Gosling auditioned for the series, but was rejected.

Take a moment to let that information sink in. What would Gilmore Girls as we know it, have been like with Gosling as a regular cast member? It’s too much, I can’t deal.

In a panel interview with TVLine’s Michael Ausiello, casting director Jami Rudofsky said Gosling auditioned for a role, but was ultimately not chosen. WHY!?

“He came in to audition, and I was so proud of myself, right? I found a star, you guys. He auditioned, and it kinda fell flat. And both Amy Sherman-Palladino and Mara Casey were like, really Jami? Really?” Rudofsky said. “I’m like, I swear he’s really, really good!”

Check out the panel footage below:

Fans everywhere are speculating as to which character Gosling would have played. Honestly, I could see him as a Dean or Logan. He seems like he would be one of Rory’s many fated romances, but who knows?

Though we’re shocked that Gosling didn’t make the cut for Stars Hollow, it’s probably for the best. Otherwise we might not have been given the gift of The Notebook, but we can’t help but wonder what if.

The four-part Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, starts streaming on November 25. Until then, here’s a shirtless Gosling just because.

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