These Parents Just Won Halloween With Their G-Rated Sex Pun

Parents are pretty great aren’t they? Not only do they raise us, feed us, help us succeed in life, but the best parents provide endless hours of entertainment.

College student Brooke Bogin is no stranger to hilarious parenting antics. In fact, her clever and pun-tastic mother and father may have just won Halloween and also, the internet.

Brooke Bogin is a 22-year-old student at James Madison University and daughter of the world’s coolest parents.


Like many college students, Brooke had her own plans for Halloween which meant her parents were left to their own devices. It’s not uncommon for the parents of college students to experience a little “empty nest” syndrome, but Brooke’s mom and dad were quite the opposite. They decided to embrace there wild side, or as wild as parents can be anyway.

Brooke’s dad came up with the punniest couples costume we’ve ever seen.


Can you guess the pun? Don’t worry it took us a while too. I mean, he’s clearly a pickle and she’s some kind of animal…

It’s a Dill cucumber and a doe. Dildo. Get it?

Honestly, can we give these adorable parents an award or something?

Instead of being absolutely mortified like most of us would be if it was our parents, Brooke proudly shared their clever costumes.

Of course, Twitter couldn’t get enough of these two. Brooke’s post earned an impressive 20K retweets and over 60K likes.

Thanks to their daughter, the Bogins probably just won every costume contest on the planet

Looks like there will be “Dill-doe’s” all over the place this year.

Aside from their hilarity, Twitter users pointed out the couple’s undeniable #RelationshipGoals.

I mean, why can’t all parents be this ridiculous? Dildos FTW.

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