15 Women Divulge Their Go-To Flirty Signs Guys Should Be Picking Up On

If we’re being honest, flirting isn’t really easy for anyone. Guys like to think that we have this whole science behind the ways we show our attraction towards them, but it’s really not that complicated. If we like you, we’re typically pretty obvious about it.

There’s no secret code, but now and then we’ll put out a few subtle cues that we hope you’ll pick up on. Maybe it’s our way of avoiding being awkward AF, who knows? Anyway, the beautiful minds over at Reddit asked their female users what they do to let a guy know they’re interested and the responses can be passed on to any and all of your male friends.

1. 84th_legislature has it down to a pretty reasonable science.

Are you doing something that sucks and she’s still here? Like you took her on a date that bombed, like the theater was closed so you had to drive across town to another theater and then had to wait an hour for the movie you planned to see, so you missed the open times for the restaurant you planned and had to get weird 24 hour diner food and she is STILL here with you smiling and looking at you happily and talking?

That means she’s interested.

2. Manleather might be right about that.

If a girl says she wants to come over to do some laundry because her washer and dryer are both broken, and then comes over and ‘forgets’ to bring her laundry basket, it’s because she’s just forgetful. Definitely show her your guinea pig and try to do some calculus with her, so at least something productive can get done.

3. Yes, Wilsander that is off to a good start.

If she doesn’t look at you with disgust, that’s a start.

4. masshamacide, sometimes this is true.

If we drag you along to any event or place– we like you.

5. Okay, spiritbx might have a point there.


Most men are mechanical in logic, if you do something they will think you did it for the most immediate reason possible.

When it comes to flirting, girls are playing chess, while men are playing bingo.

6. YellowTealBox, me too.

Personally, I stand a lot closer. Like, really close.

Also I seek you out more often to talk. Did I come over to ask what you’re doing for the 20th time today? I’ve got a crush.

7. Vhftb plays it cool.

Avoiding eye contact cause we are afraid that you will catch us staring at you.

8. Well, bellalama just lays it all out there.

If I feel comfortable touching you, or you touching me. If I hold your arm or something, that means I wanna see you naked (LOL). +100 pts for me touching your thigh or knee area. That is 100% a “I wanna get with you”. I’m not touchy with people I don’t have that bond with, but when I feel it, I’ll be really touchy.

9. ileeny12 just likes smiling, smiling is her favorite.

I text you back every time on time.

Touch. I need to touch your arm.

Making eye contact from the across the room. A lot.

Smiling. Lots and lots of smiling. Like for no reason.

10. This might not be your best bet, papayawafflet

I kind of hate that I do this, but if I’m “teasing” you or purposely bickering with you about something silly, I like you. I have a dark and sarcastic sense of humor though, and sadly I think I’ve accidentally made people feel bad for real.

11. Llebanna is pretty straight forward.

If I make eye contact, and bring up random topics for an excuse to keep talking. Or if I invite you to go somewhere unaccompanied by friends. Bonus points if they invite you to an event involving a lot of friends, that’s a good sign as well. It means they trust you and maybe even want to “show” you off in a way

12. Sharkoh escalated very quickly.

If she has an honest laugh at one of your dumb jokes.

If she touches your hand/arm for no discernible reason

If she says fuck me daddy

13. ItDontMather couldn’t be more obvious.

When I say this I mean like, if I like a guy, I will intentionally try to find reasons to talk or interact with him even when I don’t have any real reason to. So if a girl keeps taking initiative on her own to talk to you or text you and never really has a subject or point, I think it’s safe to suspect she likes you.

14. Grubbery has a few signs she’s noticed about herself.

*If I try to feed you (cook or buy food, like a Subway or pizza).

*If I try to get you to play the video game I like.

*If I speak to you for nothing but a conversation or link you a meme to get a conversation going. You aren’t asked for or to do anything, except maybe hang out with me :}. If a girl speaks to you then almost instantly asks you to drive her somewhere without you (like a party) then she isn’t into you. If she speaks to you then asks if you wanna go see a movie, she may be!

*If I tell you about events I think are cool and totally want to go to.

*If I take an interest in the music/films etc you link to me.

15. We can respect koinu-chan_love‘s strategy.

For me personally, when I’m interested in a guy, I’ll make excuses to touch him. I’ll start with casual touches, on his hand or arm, or if I’m standing next to him maybe I’ll let my boobs brush against him. I’ll stand closer than necessary, or lean toward him if we’re seated. I’ll make eye contact, then look down, and repeat. If we planned to meet, there will be cleavage on display.

Recently I came up with a new strategy, after reading many threads about guys missing “obvious” signs. It’s very simple. I haven’t fully tested it yet, but essentially, I say, “You’re really cute. Want to make out?” I’m considering adding, “I’m interested in you sexually. I’m serious and not just being polite.”

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