15 Situations That Are Basically Horror Movies For Introverts

Do you cringe at the thought of interacting with other human beings? Does small talk make you want to cry? If you answered yes to either of these, we feel your struggle. Being an introvert (or just someone who prefers to avoid other people at all costs) can be extremely challenging, particularly when you’re forced to go out into the world and do typical human things.

For anyone who’s counting down the days until we can be devoid of social interactions altogether, these seemingly normal situations are probably more likened to horror movies.

1. Making weekend plans that involve other people.

2. Talking on the phone for any reason at all.

3. Any form of “small talk.”

4. Someone realizing it’s your birthday and telling everyone.

5. Having to answer the door when you’re the only one home.

6. When the teacher takes attendance.

7. Ordering food at a restaurant.

8. Group projects.

9. Living with another human being.

10. Any kind of icebreaker activity.

11. Being left alone at a party with people you don’t know.

12. Meeting people IRL.

13. Date night.

14. When someone asks you to introduce yourself.

15. Most forms of human emotion.

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