How To Cope With Online Political Arguments Based On Your Sign

Chances are you’re encountering at least one or two or a gazillion politically-charged posts in your Facebook or Twitter feed lately. And if you’re friends with anyone who doesn’t share the same political views as you, you’re probably struggling to keep your chill when you see them post something you couldn’t disagree more with.

Thankfully, you are not alone, my friend. And there are only two more weeks until Election Day! In the meantime, look to the stars for some guidance on how you can best handle acrimonious encounters online.


Be real: You love getting into all-out brawls online—for the thrill of it, but most of all, so you can say you WON. You’re just that innately competitive. You’re down for any sort of dust-up and can probably handle it without reaching for a bottle of wine right after. Take the rest of this election cycle as an op to work on admitting when you’re wrong and trying to avoid needling someone in your newsfeed just for the sake of it. Believe it or not, not everyone loves to debate—or you know, win—as much as you!


You’re stubborn AF, so no one is going to change your mind about anything—especially not that meme-loving kid you haven’t seen since seventh grade. You also would prefer to be chilling out on your couch watching Hocus Pocus on repeat than getting into the pros and cons of gun control. So, just do that. Say your piece if you must and then refuse to look at the likes or comments. You’re a tough cookie who doesn’t need that kind of validation anyway.


You may be right in your Mercury-ruled element when there’s MOAR conversation and ideas and thoughts and discussion, but chances are, even you need a break from all of the chatter. You probably won’t be able to completely quash the thoughts you want to express, but maybe take it offline? Try writing in a journal, penning an op-ed for a local publication, or FaceTiming with your mom or BFF. It’ll definitely be more productive than spending hours going to bat with a bunch of trolls.


Fun fact: This country was “born” a Cancer (cuz, you know, July 4!). So, while you tend to be a peacemaker more than a fighter, you could find yourself getting into a tiff or two stemming from how patriotic you feel and how much your heart is in the issues. (For instance, you likely have pretty passionate views on family leave and education.) Recognize that not everyone leads with their heart, which is, you know, kind of a shame for them. Live and let live—and then go treat yoself to that fancy bottle of Prosecco you’ve been dreaming about.


You’re passionate, assertive, and would always rather be seen as a leader than a follower, so you may actually refuse to get into what you see as a waste of your precious time arguing with Aunt Jen about WikiLeaks. If you do get sucked in, however, you’ll probably take a stand, make sure it gets at least a few “likes,” and then immediately pamper yourself to recover. Go get that manicure or watch The Crown on Netflix (cuz fantasizing about being a queen is totally up your alley!).


Girl, no one expects you to be doing a masters thesis on any and every point you’re making on Facebook. Yes, you have all of the proof and links and attributions in the world that your friends and followers would obviously be foolish not to read as thoroughly as you and then agree with you on. But not everyone is as rational as you, and this is just an unfortunate reality you’ll do well to face sooner rather than later. Put all that noise aside, and go sip green juice and do some yoga. Om, OK?


You’ve probably found yourself playing ref between friends more than a few times this election cycle, because all you want to do is ~keep the peace~! But there’s really no way to avoid the fact that this is just a contentious situation for the time being, so keep your cool by unfollowing your sparkiest friends or using that Facebook feature that allows you to block certain political posts. Then watch and share all of the beauty blogger or cute puppy vids you want.


You’ve had it up to here with the horrifying rhetoric in the media and all over Facebook and have just about reached your limit. You’re still engaging with people who you feel need to be put in their place, but you probably need to spend time meditating or working on your amazing Halloween costume or maybe even channeling your frustration into something proactive, like getting out the vote or rocking a Nasty Woman tee like your fellow Scorpio Katy Perry.


Thank goodness for the “delete” and “undo” buttons all across the internet, because you’re the kween of just spouting off without really thinking before you hit “send” or “enter.” But you’re also strong-willed and pretty damn evolved, Sag, so don’t ever feel like you have to backtrack if you really feelin’ your beliefs. But when things just start feeling way too damn serious, post that funny tweet or the rando cat video that always cracks you up.


You’re smart and determined and maybe even a little old school, in part because your sign is ruled by Saturn, which is characterized by hard work and self-control. You could get downright pissed wondering why your bestie from college is posting a link from that faux news site again?! You love putting them in their place with a quick Snopes reference, but really, this back and forth is getting you nowhere. Focus on doing actually productive things, like fundraising or knocking on doors, and you’ll feel way more useful and peaceful.


You’ve probably peaced out of all the brouhaha a while ago, because you totally know that sparring with people online is pointless. You’re all about taking action at the grassroots level instead. Like you want to know how you can sponsor a family for Thanksgiving or get on the front lines of a protest. Maybe you’ll share a quick selfie with your “I voted” sticker or your election night get-together with friends, but that’s where you draw the line on engaging politically online.


Your motto needs to be self-preservation, dear Pisces. You are picking up on everyone’s emotional garbage, posting stories about the damaging psychology of this election, and attempting to comfort anyone who seems to be afflicted! You probably need a major time-out to take care of yourself. Don’t worry so much. Really, you don’t have to save the world every minute of every day.

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