Precious Pup Left His Family A Message From Doggie Heaven And We’re Not Crying You Are

All dogs really do go to heaven.

Bandit and his human, Catie, had a very classic, but beautiful, relationship together. Girl loves dog. Dog loves family unconditionally and improves every aspect of the lives he touches like the good boy that he is.


But after a series of surgeries, Bandit’s health took a turn for the worse. Catie told BuzzFeed News “We were his fourth home, and we always talked about how we never gave up on him.”


At 15-years-old, Bandit sadly passed on. Catie and her family grieved the loss of their pup, until a couple of days later when Catie’s mom stumbled onto “a sign from doggie heaven.”

Catie tweeted:

Callaghan told Buzzfeed “The bowl was a sign that he’s happy. We even thought the smile looked like his. It was a God wink.”

So pure. So good.

Twitter mourned the passing of this beautiful doggo:

*wipes eyes* RIP Bandit.

We hope Bandit finds an eternity of delicious treats and afternoon naps.

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