Pringles’ New Christmas Flavors Will Probably Make You Say ‘WTF’

Halloween isn’t even over, yet companies are already turn their advertising efforts toward Christmas, the next big money-making holiday on the capitalism calendar.

Pringles has already unveiled their lineup of special flavors for the upcoming holiday season, and their new chips are a tad … bizarre.

Last fall, the company came out with sweet chip flavors (such as white chocolate, pecan pie, and salted caramel) to ring in the Christmas season — flavors which seemed totally ill-advised at the time, but ended up selling surprisingly well for the culinary abominations that they were.

This year, a new flavor is being added to the stackable chip lineup: Sugar Cookie.

gallery 1476907948 pringles holiday shoot 2 Pringles New Christmas Flavors Will Probably Make You Say WTF

Because if there’s one thing you want your potato chips to taste like, it’s … sugar cookies??

While I can perhaps understand the Salted Caramel flavor (it at least make an effort to be semi-savory), I must say that I’m personally baffled by the Sugar Cookie choice. Like, there is no way that a cookie-flavored potato chip could possibly compete with an actual cookie.

If you’re going to make potato chips, then make potato chips. If you’re going to make stackable cookies, then make stackable cookies. But don’t insult me by combining the two, okay, Pringles?

Silver lining: at least the cans are all wearing cute little holiday sweaters.

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