This Brazilian Booty Pageant Is Under Fire For Its Recreation Of “The Last Supper”

We know you’re probably sick and tired of hearing nonstop political news and the latest, most heinous Trump-isms, so allow us to divert your attention to something entirely different, but equally as offensive.

A booty pageant out of Brazil (yes, booty not beauty) is currently under fire by the Catholic community for its recreation of Da Vinci’s “Last Supper.”

The Miss Bumbum pageant in Brazil had its bikini clad finalists pose as Jesus and his disciples at “The Last Supper.”


As you can imagine, this was met with less than enthusiasm from the Catholic community. I mean, even those of us who aren’t the most religious can see that this is just all kinds of ridiculous. The Miss Bumbum pageant is held annually to select the best “rear of the year” across Brazil. The blonde in the middle is said to be the contestant who earned the most votes by phone.

The pageant’s founder, Cacau Oliver thought the portrayal was fitting for the way contestants treat each other during the competition.

“It was the last meeting of the women before the grand final,” Oliver, explained to The Daily Mail. “It reminded me of ’The Last Supper.’ It was where Jesus was betrayed by Judas, because of jealousy, and like it or not the woman with the most votes is also the target of jealousy.”

“She is at the center, and the other girls will want to crucify her because she got more votes than them,” he continued.

Unsurprisingly, the photo was met with severe backlash from religious leaders across the country.


The leaders have spoken out against the recreation, calling it “disrespectful and deeply offensive.” According to The Daily Mail, Father Clesio Vieira, from the Volta Redonda diocese of Rio de Janeiro, said the photo has caused ‘great offence’ to Catholics.

“Everyone’s talking about it. It has broken the boundaries of ethics and respect, all in the name of money. This isn’t creativity, it’s the vulgarisation of the sacred and is deeply disrespectful.”

Even some of the contestants pictured in the photograph didn’t condone its message. Daiana Fegueredo, the woman who portrayed Jesus, insists she only took part in the photo because of her contract.

“I completely understand people being angry about it, because even I’m angry and I’m in it,” she told The Daily Mail .”For me it is blasphemy. I feel really bad deep inside of me. I’m a practicing Catholic. Since I did the photo my heart is tight inside my chest, I can’t sleep and I don’t stop thinking about it. I’ve already asked forgiveness from God, and I ask forgiveness from everyone else. We went too far. We were part of a great sin.”

The pageant is currently in its sixth year and winners of the competition typically receive modeling contracts and become nationwide celebrities.

gettyimages 587342706 1477360149 This Brazilian Booty Pageant Is Under Fire For Its Recreation Of The Last Supper

While we can certainly appreciate all parts of  the female physique, maybe next year Miss Bumbum would be wise to keep their photoshoots away from religious works of art.

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