This Viral Photo Of A Girl’s Legs Is A Crazy Optical Illusion

Remember The Dress? The internet lost its collective mind over that thing, arguing that it was blue or gold, for a solid week. Well, now there’s a new viral image blowing people’s minds. And it’s seriously just a pic of some girl’s legs.

Instagram user leonardhoespams posted the image of her legs to Instagram, and commenters went nutso.

This chick just has really shiny legs, right? A commenter named desinelles basically summed up the confusion, writing, “I THOUGHT THE THIGHS WERE JUST REALLY WEIRDLY SHINY AND I WAS LIKE??? WHAT???”

Yes, you might look at this photo and see super-glossy legs that seem to be coated in baby oil or covered in saran wrap. But keep looking like you used to at those Magic Eye images, and you’ll see something completely different: paint.

And once you see that it’s just streaks of white paint on her legs, you can’t unsee it.

I looked at this and saw shiny legs. About 30 seconds later, I saw the paint, and now? I cannot see the shiny legs.

Twitter users agree it’s pretty trippy.

Welp, guess you gotta just enjoy the leg shine while it lasts, and then forever see boring-ass white paint.

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