We Attempted To Build Our Own ‘Pringle Ringle’ Using Nothing But Gravity and Chips

Move over sliced bread,  there’s a new snack fad in town. Full-time television writer and part-time amateur physicist, Jane Espenson, started an internet sensation with a few cans of her afternoon snack. Using nothing but pringles and physics, Espensen created  the “Pringle Ringle.”

Behold the “Pringle Ringle”:

Apparently, Jane Espenson’s already really well known for writing a few underground shows you might not have heard of like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Once Upon A Time, but her name will go down in history books as “That Pringle Ringle Girl.”

A few of our own coworkers attempted this groundbreaking feat and it proved to be a bit tougher than they expected…


They were so close…


Then failed and screamed.


I hope they learned some valuable lessons about teamwork. Check out their Facebook livestream!


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