Vine Is Shutting Down So Here Are Some Of Our Favorites Before It’s All Over

What was once a beloved viral slam dunk is now closing its doors forever.

In 2013, Vine was the new platform everyone was talking about. Today, Twitter announced that Vine is living in its last days. Along with massive layoffs, Twitter is taking broad steps to make their company profitable and announced that Vine will be one of those capitalist casualties. This six-second video loop app somehow took the internet by storm, and although it’s reign is over, we will never forget the laughs it gave us.

In no particular order, here are some of our favorite Vines of all time.

When the driver won’t let you on the bus

When your favorite song comes on but

A Too Personal Pizza

Fights in 2015

Here’s how to flirt

“I like nice doggies”

Indie singer introduces us to her kitchen

“It’s gonna be me”

This gem

A perfect Harp loop of Elastic Heart ft. Maple the pup

White girl trying to remember the day she was born

“Why is everybody afraid of love?”

When someone tries to take a pic but you’re not ready

Who could forget the grinding videos…

And that this was a thing

The Real Housewives of Vine

When someone tells me to stop being dramatic

When the plans you didn’t want to attend get canceled

Chick-Fil-A Employees vs. McDonald’s Employees

Happy Birthday Grandma!

“This is from Africa, right?”

Thanks for the memories Vine! Now you can join MySpace, Friendster, and Xanga up in internet heaven.

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