10 Fit Pregnant Women On Instagram Who Are Seriously Inspiring

Pregnancy is one of the most physically challenging experiences a woman can have. It throws off your balance, makes you lethargic, and totally messes with your endurance. But just because your body is changing doesn’t mean you have to give up on your fitness goals. There’s no shortage of fit moms-to-be out there encouraging us to embrace, celebrate, and take amazing care of our pregnant bodies.

Pregnancy is a highly individual experience, and no two women’s bumps will look alike. Still, we can all use a little inspiration from time to time to keep us motivated to eat right, exercise, and practice a little self-care. These incredible #FitPregnancy Instagram accounts definitely fit the bill.

Here, 10 expectant mommas who will inspire you to work hard and live your best life throughout those long nine months of carrying a baby.

1. Tracey Wheeler (@traceywheelerfitness)

Wheeler, a fitness and nutrition expert, ran a 10K when she was six months pregnant. Now, she’s almost 38 weeks along and still rocking visible abs. Her Instagram bio says she’s dedicated to “becoming a mummy whilst staying fit and strong,” and it looks like she’s knocking those goals out of the park.

2. Nat (@fit.mammas)

Nat is a pre- and postnatal fitness specialist who’s currently awaiting baby number two. On her Facebook and Instagram pages, she shares workouts for pregnant women and new moms at all fitness levels. She also blogs at Fit Mammas, where she says her goal is “to educate, motivate and inspire others on how to stay safely active pre and postnatally.”

3. Shauna Burke (@shaunaaburke)

Burke is a badass yoga instructor who, at 26 weeks pregnant, is still teaching classes, getting her zen on, and using Instagram to document the inspiring workouts she does with her growing bump.

4. Claudine Lafond (@yogabeyond)

Claudine Lafond is a yoga instructor who runs the inspiring Yoga Beyond Instagram account with her husband, Honza. They offer classes online and teach all over the world. Claudine is also 38 weeks pregnant and her incredible bump photos will inspire you to live your best preggo life.

5. Andrea Lauren Mahr (@almzone)

Maher is a certified personal trainer and expectant mom who posts weekly accountability pics to keep up with her goal of having a fit pregnancy. She’s also developed her own plan to help other moms stay in shape, which is available on her website. “It is possible to stay fit, healthy & happy during pregnancy,” she tells her followers. She’s definitely proof of that.

6. Julie Baird (@ourfitfamilylife)

Julie Baird is a personal trainer and runs Our Fit Family Life, where she blogs about making healthy living a family goal. She’s currently training her way through her second pregnancy, and her photos are seriously inspiring. Says Baird, “Being fit and active with a young family isn’t impossible, it just requires a bit of planning and creative problem solving.”

7. Danielle Hart (@daniellehartruns)

Wow!! It's truly amazing how my body has changed and how much baby boy has grown. In fact, it's a beautiful thing knowing that you're giving life to a miracle so incredibly special in every way. Running throughout my pregnancy has made the while experience so worth it and enjoyable. Staying active has done wonders for my body and I am so glad I have kept up with it. Although I chose to not run everyday at this point in my pregnancy, but I do keep up with some sort of physical activity on my off days from the pavement. I may make it look easy but let me tell you it is not at this point as each day there is something new I experience with pregnancy. But at the end of the day I am healthy, happy, & beyond thankful that God has given me the strength to continue with my FitPregnancy as well as blessing me with a healthy baby! AMEN🙏🏼❤️

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Hart is a runner who hasn’t let impending new motherhood slow her down one damn bit. Her Instagram features photos of her still running at 39 weeks. “Running has never been dangerous to myself or my baby, as we are super healthy with zero complications,” she says. “In fact, I cannot thank my running enough for getting me through my whole pregnancy with the most amazing outcome.”

8. Pip Hobbs (@pipfitness)

Pip Hobbs is a UK fitness instructor who’s still rocking it out and teaching classes at 38 weeks pregnant. She’s real about the physical challenges of being pregnant, but she doesn’t let it stop her. “Not gonna lie, hips and lower back are starting to need oiling in the morning,” she wrote in one post. “But it’s a sign that I must keep going to hopefully head into labour with lots of energy and endurance!”

9. Sara (@therunningwife)

#fbf (to just 4-5 weeks ago). I get a lot of questions about #running during #pregnancy. Most of my advice is very simple: 1️⃣ Don't expect it to be the same. Some women don't notice a change, but some (like me) never feel the same from the beginning. 2️⃣ Listen to your body. I mean REALLY listen and when in doubt always be more cautious. It isn't just about you anymore. 3️⃣ Every woman and every #pregnancy is different so don't compare what someone else can do to you. 4️⃣ Enjoy the time because there won't be many times in your life you can share this journey. 💙 5️⃣ Go easy on yourself. If you need to slow down – slow down. If you need an extra day of rest – rest. Your body is working overtime these days. 6️⃣ Give yourself grace and be proud of what you CAN do (even if it means you cant run) 7️⃣ Some aren't going to agree with your decision to keep #running and that's okay. It's your journey and those opinions don't matter. As long as you are medically healthy to run. 8️⃣ Relax and enjoy! 🏃🏽‍♀️😊💙#fitpregnancy #32weeks #runningfortwo #goals #runnersofinstagram #instarunners #lovetorun #womensrunningcommunity #womenrunning #miles #run #runner #babybump

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Sara is a runner and expectant mom who blogs at The Running Wife. Right now, she’s tracking her runs and sharing workouts on social media as she prepares to welcome her first baby. “Pregnancy is definitely not an illness and your body really can do amazing things,” she tells her followers.

10. Carib Spice (@thecaribspice)

This figure competitor and fitness lover goes by the name Carib Spice online. She runs a popular YouTube channel, where she shares fitness videos and workout tips. She’s currently 7 months pregnant and slaying it.

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