10 Questions I Still Have About ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

Every autumn, The Nightmare Before Christmas becomes required viewing once again. (If you think it’s a Christmas movie, you’re just wrong, and the film’s director even agrees – it is 100%, without a doubt, a Halloween movie.) No matter how many times we see it, somehow it never gets old. We know every lyric to “This is Halloween” and “Making Christmas,” and it’s impossible to watch without singing along (and doing silly voices).

But even though we’ll always love The Nightmare Before Christmas, we find ourselves wondering the same things every time we watch it. We have to admit, as endlessly creative as it is, we can’t get rid of the burning questions that have plagued our minds since 1993 (yes, 1993, we’re all old AF). In honor of Halloween’s rapid approach, here are 10 questions we still have about Jack Skellington and his squad:

1. First and foremost, what are behind the other doors?!

We know that Halloweentown is behind the pumpkin door, and Christmastown is behind the tree door, but what about the other doors?! The film begins by teasing us relentlessly as we see a shot inside the forest of doors leading to other holiday towns. Ever since we were little kids, we’ve held out hope that Tim Burton would create a sequel that would contain a trip into Thanksgivingtown or Eastertown. We’re still waiting, TBH.

2. Why exactly is Jack referred to as The Pumpkin King?

Not to nitpick here, but Jack isn’t a pumpkin, nor does he really interact with pumpkins throughout the entire movie. Okay, yes, he wears a pumpkin on his head in the opening song but that’s it. Other than that, he’s just a skeleton in a suit. So why wouldn’t he be called The Skeleton King? Plz explain, Jack.

3. How did Jack get back to Halloweentown through the grave?

This is really confusing. When Jack is in Christmastown, he realizes he has to get back home, so he dives through the doors of a tomb in the cemetery. How exactly does that work? Considering he never left Halloweentown prior to his first expedition to Christmastown, how did he know that he’d be able to get back that way?

4. Going off of that, how exactly does travel work between the lands anyway?

When Jack first leaves Halloweentown, he seems to wander through the woods with Zero for hours until he finds himself in the clearing with all the doors. So how did he leave, if he didn’t leave through the pumpkin door? And, for that matter, what passage did Lock, Shock, and Barrel use to get to Eastertown and Christmastown? Can we just have a map or something?

5. So…how does Jack know what mistletoe is?

When Jack first arrives in Christmastown, he sings all about his excitement and confusion. For the most part, Jack seems pretty perplexed by everything that he sees – except he seems to recognize mistletoe when it’s hung by two villagers. How would he even know the term?

6. So, like…how does Oogie Boogie function as a living creature?

We should probably just suspend our disbelief here, but if Oogie Boogie is a sack full of bugs (ew), then how is he a living, breathing, moving creature? Does he also have organs? Also, why does he light up in neon green? So. Many. Questions.

7. Do the Trick-or-Treaters have parents?

And, if so, are they aware that Lock, Shock, and Barrel are roaming around Halloweentown, hanging out with Oogie Boogie (who is basically a sociopathic serial killer, let’s be honest), and committing kidnapping felonies? We’re just a little concerned about the future and well-being of Lock, Shock, and Barrel, that’s all.

8. Where did Jack get all those DIY Christmas books?

Did Jack just have a Pinterest board filled with craft projects for cutout snowflakes and recipes for gingerbread cookies? But seriously, where did all that Christmas-related literature come from if he lived in Halloweentown? Did he bring it back with him?

9. How did Dr. Finkelstein literally not catch onto Sally’s tricks?

It seems like Sally was able to get away with everything, from poisoning Dr. F all the way to sneaking out dozens of times. Either Dr. Finkelstein is the most gullible (and forgetful) creature on the planet, or Sally is the smartest. Maybe a combination of both.

10. And perhaps most importantly: How has NO ONE turned this into a Broadway musical yet?!

Do theater producers not know how much of a money-maker this would be? If Broadway can turn literally every Disney animated film into a blockbuster musical, they sure as hell would do an amazing job with bringing Halloweentown to the stage.  We’ll be waiting to get our front row tickets with a big “I told you so” when the day comes.

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