This Might Be The Most Savage Halloween Prank Ever

Guess it counts as both a trick and a treat…

As much as I love brussel sprouts, I cringe at the idea of taking an unsuspecting bite into a piece of chocolate and finding a salty green vegetable. Unfortunately, people in this world are much more sadistic than I and lunatics out there take glee in watching the world burn into a charcoaled crisp. Mark Sparrow, a twitter user who probably loves children’s tears and world hunger, tweeted the following photo on October 24th at 4:20pm. (Coincidence? I think not.)

I have to admit, it is ingenious in a Mojo Jojo sort of way.

Although many people were not as impressed…

Others thought it was hysterical and wanted to up the savage ante.

And if you really wanted to bathe in Satan’s flames.

After all is said and done, the possibilities are truly endless. Be sure to routinely check all your chocolates for vegetables, because we all really needed another thing to worry about.

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