We Created 5 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes With Items We Already Had In Our Closet

Halloween is only days away which means spooky, booze-filled festivities are starting up. If you’re anything like me, this is probably causing you extreme anxiety because you have yet to figure out a costume.

Never fear though, there are plenty of easy last minute outfits that can be made from clothes you already have in your closet. These are just a few makeshift costumes we pulled together from my closet and I’ll definitely be using one of them for Halloween this year.

1. ’80s Aerobic Instructor


The 8os aerobic instructor was easily one of my favorite outfits. Every girl has at least one pair of black leggings in their arsenal. Put those with a one piece swimsuit (or bodysuit) and some sweatbands and you’re ready to go! Plus, you’ll be insanely comfortable all night long.

Pro Tip: Don’t have a 1-piece swimsuit? A crop top, shoulder-baring sweatshirt, and some shorty shorts over leggings will also do perfectly.

2. Cowgirl


The cowgirl outfit was probably the easiest one to pull together. If you have a pair of denim shorts or a skirt and any flannel top, you’re pretty much set. Add a pair of cute cowboy boots and a hat to complete the look.

Pro-Tip: If it’s colder where you’re spending Halloween, jeans with a sparkly belt add the perfect amount of sass.

3. Pirate Girl


Next up, is the pirate lass. This look requires a few extra items, but nothing too crazy. All you’ll need is a simple striped t-shirt, some yoga pants, a scarf to wrap around your head, and some jewelry to accessorize with. Snag a little pirate hat at Goodwill or your closest Halloween store to give the outfit an authentic touch.

Pro-Tip: Want the eyepatch without losing your depth perception? Paint it on instead!

4. Sneaky Robber


The super sneaky robber girl can also be put together with yoga pants and a striped top. Add a black beanie and gloves to complete the costume. Also, if you have a pair of black combat boots, they work perfectly with both this little burglar and the pirate.

Pro Tip: We totally DIY’d the loot bag and mask! All you need is an old tote, a black tee, and a hot glue gun.

5. Sandy from Grease


Last, but certainly not least is the one and only Sandy from Grease. Tbh, this will absolutely be my costume this year. The shiny leggings I bought from Forever 21 ages ago for New Years and I’ve lost count of how many black crop tops I own. Then I threw on my favorite pleather jacket and some hoops and Sandy came to life.

Pro Tip: Instead of buying a wig, add a little hairspray. Then plump up your lips with a nice red shade.

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