8 Signs You And Your BFF Are Way Too Close

Anyone who’s ever had an extremely close friend has had to ask themselves the difficult question: Are we too close? The truth is, if you think you may be too close, you probably aren’t. The only time close friendship gets weird is when other people point out how close the two of you are. If you’ve ever struggled to draw the line between extremely close friend and non-sexual-life-partner, chances are you’re going to struggle for your entire life. While close friendships can be lovely and amazing, there are times when two people can become too close and blur the lines between what is socially acceptable and what should only be kept between the confines of closed doors. Below are eight signs that you and your best friend are a little too close; not to suggest that you should stop what you’re doing, but just remind yourself to keep it behind closed doors.

1. You’ve Shared Significant Others

If you and your best friend have shared many an ex, the reality is either you live in a place with the world’s smallest dating pool or you’re probably too close. If you’re able to compare the sex performance of multiple people you’ve both dated, it may be time to step away from each other and stop sharing a Tinder account.

2. You Can Sense When The Other Is Hurting

When you’re deeply close with someone else you’re able to sense their emotional state even if you’re miles apart. When you’re that close with your best friend, you may be able to sense when they’re in a lot of emotional pain or in trouble. Spending so much time together means that you are connected through your souls, and that is not an easy connection to break.

3. You Can Communicate Without Words

And when you’re not sensing their emotions while they’re away from you, you’re able to communicate with each other through simply a look. If you’re at a party or even sitting down watching TV together you’ll be able to have entire conversations through a glance. While this could come in handy when it comes to talking smack about someone in the room, to everyone else it is an annoying reminder of how close the two of you are.

4. There Are Literally Zero Secrets

You know every single dark secret they could possibly have. Even the ones that you swore you would both take to your graves and the ones you’re horrified for anyone else to know. Even when there are new secrets they’re the first person you tell, making them both your best friend and part-time therapist.

5. They’ve Seen You Black Out Drunk

They’re the person who has seen you at every stage of horrible drunk. They’re usually the one who holds back your hair when you’re going to get sick, and they’re the first person to pull you away from a fight in the bar when you’ve had one too many and you’re feeling feisty. They’ve seen you drunk so many times there is no longer any shame in either of your games, you’ve just accepted that they will always be your friend no matter how many vodka shots they beg you not to do.

6. You Never Have To Apologize For Anything

Because when you’re as close as the two of you are, there is no such thing as sorry, there is only I love you and I will try harder next time to not disappoint you.

7. They Can Finish Your Sentences

When two people are two close they can not only communicate without words, they’re actually able to predict what the other one will say. If you and your best friend are constantly able to finish each other’s sentences it may be time to take a brief vacation from each other in order to create some healthy and non-obnoxious distance.

8. You Can’t Imagine A Time Before You Were Friends

When you’re that close with a best friend, you stop thinking in terms of what friends should do/ don’t do, and you stop thinking about how you benefit each other. When you’re that close to your best friend it is as though your life before them ceased to exist. It is just a distance memory drown out by all the laughter, hugs, and joy. You can’t imagine a time before them because you don’t want to, and because you hope you never have to find out what life is like without them in it.

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