This Is What Your Favorite Disney Villains Would Actually Look Like As Real People

Growing up with Disney animated characters, it was often an irresistible thought to imagine these larger-than-life personas existing in reality. What would they actually look like? What would they wear?

Well, one particularly gifted artist is hoping to answer those very questions.

You’re probably familiar with Finnish artist Jirka Väätäinen, thanks to his many realistic recreations of Disney princesses and their prince counterparts. Now, the artist is back with even more Disney portraits — only this time, your favorite villains are getting the realistic treatment.

And, to be honest, they look pretty damn sexy.

Jafar seems to be channeling Prince with his eye makeup, and looks like one classy motherf*cker.

Cruella de Vil is essentially a slightly-past-her-prime fashion plate, which seems fitting.

Judge Claude Frollo has eyebrows and nostrils that could go on for days — and definitely looks like a stern schoolteacher you wouldn’t want to mess with.

Mother Gothel is actually quite fabulous, thanks to Rapunzel’s hair, and could easily pass for gypsy singer-songwriter.

And Prince Hans looks so damn charming, I can almost forgive him for trying to kill Anna and Elsa and take over their kingdom … I’M JUST SAYING, THE MAN IS HANDSOME.

Hopefully, with Halloween right around the corner, these realistic villains gave you a little inspiration for your evil costume — or, at the very least, got you a little hot and bothered (HANS).

You can check out more of Jirka’s work on his website and Instagram.

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