15 Misunderstood Ex-Girlfriends On Why Their SO Called Them “Crazy”

Relationships are never easy, but they can be especially difficult when one or both of the people involved refuse to communicate with each other. Matters are made even worse when one decides to demonize the other person to their friends and families just because they insist upon not having a rational conversation.

It’s utterly baffeling to me. Yes, there are times when your ex is legitimately batshit crazy, but for the most part I feel like people just need to communicate. Seriously, can we not just talk about this before you make a huge scene? Reddit asked its misunderstood girlfriends why their SO’s thought they were “crazy” and the responses will shock you, and also make you want to go crazy.

1. choixpeau had no idea something was amiss.

He left me without telling me he was leaving me, so I proceeded with life on the assumption that our relationship status remained unchanged.

2. Unfortunately, playground94 was assumed guilty.

After we broke up someone posted his information in a gay section on craigslist. I did not do it. I was angry but did not. He blamed me. I think A. Someone did it to stir it. Or B. He was actually gay and got caught on it and just quickly blamed me for the dirty hookups.

3. Kmodek was also an innocent party.

My ex got sent to prison for a year because someone told his PO he was using again,etc. and his whole family blamed me even though we didn’t talk at all and I didn’t even know where he lived. Several years later, his BROTHER tells me he’s the one who turned him in.

I’d even told them it was probably his brother because they fought all the time, but they just couldn’t believe his brother would do that to him.

4. Good for you, youovaryacted.

When I found out that my then boyfriend was cheating with a co worker for weeks, I took everything I owned from the apartment we had together. Just so happens I owned everything except his computer, for fun I also took the light bulbs because I found the girls clothes sitting in our bedroom when I got home. My mothers then boyfriend was so enraged I was treated like that he shit on his keyboard. Honest to god I didn’t know he did this until he decided to sue me years later two weeks after I had my son. Turns out he also posted a video titled “Never move in with a crazy bitch” on facebook.

I just wanted to inconvenience him a bit with not having light, but now half of my town thinks I’m bat shit insane because my moms boyfriend had no chill.

5. comedic-meltdown was framed for a senseless crime.

After a tumultuous relationship and break up, his car was stolen and found torched at a river. Fairly certain he thought it had to do with me (I can’t drive, so at least I have that going for me). The finance on the car was in my name. Why would I torch a car I am still goddamn paying for?

6. NancyNegativo, we hope you left his ass real quick.

Because I thought it was inappropriate for him to hit on my sister in front of me.

7. Damn, badassmotherfucker89 we’re glad you made it out of that one.

I’m a gold digger because I wanted him to contribute financially while he had a full time job. Apparently I was expected to pay all of the bills even though we lived together. He didn’t know I was going to make money such an issue.

I’m a slut because I got catcalled while walking to my apartment in a suit, and because some guy at Best Buy hit on me. I must have been seeing him on the side. How dare I get defensive! I must be lying!

I’m a crazy bitch because I told him he needed mental help because he trashed my apartment. He later slashed my tires, stole $3000 from me, and told me he wanted to shoot me in the head.

I am crazy for trying to get a protection order. Now other people know our business. I’m crazy for not keeping our business to myself.

8. zazzlekdazzle, we feel you.

I was an uptight, controlling, smothering bitch because, after three months of dating exclusively, I wanted us to talk about whether I was his girlfriend, maybe he could tell his parents (with whom he lived) that I existed, and he should let me know he was going to be late when he was still at home (an hour away) on Gchat when we were supposed to be meeting. (We were both in our 30s, by the way.)

9. What in the actual fuck kind of man was xMisaMisa dealing with?

I had a boyfriend who wouldn’t dry himself after he showered and then he’d walk around the apartment dripping wet. I would get super mad and he’d be like “Are you on your period? It’s just water, it’ll dry”.

10. LaVieLaMort, he sounds a little jealous to say the least.

Because I broke up with him..Then a few months later I met a nice young man and started dating him and ex found out…..He then sent an email to about 500 people (some of whom I knew, some I didn’t) calling me crazy and insane and that my new boyfriend was a pedophile for dating me. For reference, I was 20, my new man was 27. Nothing illegal. Ex was just batshit insane.

11. babeox, we’re glad you’re free.

Not just crazy, but in his words, “a fuckin cold hearted bitch”.

After 4 years together, aparently I should be used to him giving me the silent treatment for weeks and not saying wtf I did in the first place and just go back together with him like nothing happened when he “forgave me”. I should have accepted that he doesn’t like hospitals and my house (?), and he was totally right in not wanting to visit me after an accident I had. I should have accepted all the cheating, gaslighting and other abuse he threw at me.

A fuckin crazy cold hearted bitch, but I’m free, at least.

12. MaeHwa, sounds like you dodged a bullet.

I broke up with him because we lived across the country from each other, and it just wasn’t working out. He asked to fly me to California to “fuck my brains out,” which of course I said no to. Then he accused me of being so uptight and never letting him have his way, and supposedly believe I was crazy, which I presume was more of his pride talking.

13. We hope so too, Holdmeclserponydanza.

I “accused” him of flirting and being glued to his phone/computer/skype with this girl who lived in another country. He said I was crazy (“You need mental help.”) because how could that even happen if she lived a country away? Fast forward two weeks we break up because I couldn’t shake the feeling and that did, admittedly, make me a little crazy, and turns out he had booked a flight to go visit his new girlfriend moments after we broke up.

Another time I said he had a drinking problem. I was crazy then too. I must have been crazy when he went to rehab and had the cops called on him for being drunk twice too.

I really hope he’s grown up and he’s doing better now. I sincerely do because he cannot go through life like that.

14. roosterndayard, because that’s just crazy.

Because I wanted to get married after 3 years of dating each other.

15. BEEKSisthename, that’s not cute at all.

We did everything a couple would do but he refused to be my boyfriend. He talked about me being needy and jealous when he’d stop talking to me for days on end (we’d see each other everyday/sleep over and he called me at least once a day) and talk to girls in front of me BUT he was the one who threw sticks at my bedroom window because I didn’t pick up the 13x he called me because I was sleeping. Clearly I was the crazy one. Not. Emotional abuse isn’t cute.

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