5 Reasons You Should Never Date Anyone Who Says “Friendzone”

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “friendzone” before, you understand that it is a sad zone created by men who want to feel victimized by rejection. According to Urban Dictionary, “friendzone” is “what you attain after you fail to impress a woman you’re attracted to. Usually initiated by the woman saying, “You’re such a good friend.” Usually associated with long days of suffering and watching your love interest hop from one bad relationship to another.

The reality is that the “friendzone” doesn’t exist. It’s simply something created by some sad-sack men to make women feel bad about not liking them back. Guys who whine about the friendzone need to man up and stop playing the victim. Until then, you should never date them. Here are five reasons why.

1. They’re NOT “Good Guys”

No matter how ‘nice’ they say they are, assuming a woman will want to be with them based solely on their kindness is psychotic in more than one way. Do you know what it means when a man feels entitled to something just because they’re nice to someone? It means that they’re a dick. No one who is genuinely kind expects anything from their kindness, especially getting laid.

2. They Assume Being Kind Should Be Rewarded With Sex

Going off my above point, if they’re assuming you should be with them because they’re nice they need to be brought back down to reality. Sex isn’t something that can be given out like candy just because someone is nice. If a guy assumes you’re going to sleep with him because he wasn’t outwardly dickish to you, kindly point him to the door.

3. They’re Bound To Talk Smack About You

If you reject a guy or “friendzone” him, more often than not he’s going to go and tell his buddies about what a harpy you are. Men love to talk about how women say they want a “nice guy” but only go after dicks, when the truth is they’re just as much of a dick for assuming what you want out of someone.

4. They Love Playing The Victim

If they’re going to feel like a victim of society, you may as well give them a reason to. Guys who complain about being friendzoned love to play the victim and tell themselves that they’re too kind for most women because they’ll just be taken advantage of. What they forget is that feeling like a victim just because they were turned down is actually the biggest turn-off in the world.

5. They’re Manipulating Women

If they’re making you feel like a bad person for rejecting them, chances are they’ve made other women feel horrible about it in the past and they’ll continue to do it in the future. Men who claim to be friendzoned don’t just stop their annoying habit of making themselves feel like a victim. They’ll continue their pattern of bad behavior until someone gets them to stop.

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