Ariana Grande Freaking Out In An ‘American Horror Story’ Haunted House Is All Of Us

Even if you’re a famous celebrity, that doesn’t mean you’re above being scared by a psychotic clown.

Which may explain why, despite being an amateur ghost-hunter, Ariana Grande was not prepared for a walk-through of the American Horror Story-inspired haunted house at Universal Studios.

Ariana performed the spooky task as part of the Ellen Degeneres Show‘s Halloween episode, and was accompanied by Ellen producer Andy Lassner — which was fortunate, since Ariana seemed pretty keen on covering her eyes/ears/head for most of the scares. (Same, honestly.)

American Horror Story fans will be pleased to know, however, that a few familiar characters made appearances during the haunted tour. There’s Rubber Man from AHS Murder House, a doctor from AHS Asylum, a bed monster from AHS Hotel, and even Twisty the Clown from AHS Freak Show.

Sadly, there was no Kathy Bates to be seen. *Tear*

Ariana and Andy do a pretty decent job of making their way through the horrific maze, despite their terror — although there are multiple instances of cowering, and, on Andy’s part, actually running away. “My legs are shaking,” Ariana says at one point.

At the end of the maze, Ariana jokes that “It wasn’t bad,” and that “Somewhere in there is my heart.”

Which I can honestly fully understand, as someone who never developed a taste for haunted houses.

On the plus side, I now have a newfound appreciation for the American Horror Story haunted maze in particular — because sometimes it’s just fun to see pop stars get the crap scared out of them.

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