This Kid’s Donald Trump Hair Costume Just Made Halloween Great Again

Halloween is finally here, which means your last chances to don ridiculously clever costumes are just hours away. If dressing up isn’t your thing, you’ll still be provided endless amounts of entertainment thanks to those partygoers who went all-out this year.

One little boy’s costume has officially made Halloween 2016 great again and the internet can’t get enough.

10-year-old Gage DeVader of Wichita, Kansas dressed up as Donald Trump’s hair for Halloween.


Thanks to the incredibly creative mind of his mother Jessica DeVader, Gage’s Trump-inspired costume may have just won Halloween and the internet.

The disturbingly accurate hair of our Republican candidate is made from a golf umbrella covered with muslin.


According to Buzzfeed, DeVader glued fake grass table skirts in sections around the umbrella to achieve the perfect comb-over look. The world’s most giant “Make America Great Again” hat was crafted from three sheets of poster board. Gage’s orange shirt was also a key part of his Trump-esque costume.

“Gage’s shirt pays homage to Trump’s orange face!” DeVader said.

Can he run for president instead?

Apparently, this isn’t the first unbelievably creative costume Gage has sported. He’s also been Zoltar…


Gage’s mom says they’ve always enjoyed dressing up for the holiday.

“I would say our fun with Halloween began from the start,” DeVader said. “I just wanted my son to learn to embrace his uniqueness and individuality.”

Sharknado was another one of his mother’s creations.


DeVader wanted Gage to be raised in an environment that inspired creativity and out-of-the-box ideas.

“He’s such a fun kid with a great personality. I want to inspire him to think outside the box,” DeVader said.

And this Jareth the Goblin King, from Labyrinth outfit is giving us all the feels.


RIP Bowie

Can we give this kid and his mother some kind of Halloween trophy?

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