13 People Reveal Why Their Least Favorite Teachers Were Actually The Worst

Teachers have by far one of the most difficult jobs out there. That being said, not everyone is cut out to teach. Just like any other profession, for every dozen or so amazingly wonderful teachers, there’s usually one or two that probably should’ve chosen a different career path.

Reddit asked its users about their least favorite teachers and why they’ve never been able to forget about them. Their responses will make you cringe and then maybe not want to go back to school, like ever.

1. anniemomo, this should’ve been a case for SVU.

Math teacher when I was 13. He was actually a well-liked teacher by all, no one really had anything bad to say about him. Good humoured and never got angry at any student, for any reason.

He disappeared mysteriously and it later emerged that he’d been harassing a few students by calling them on their mobile phones and telling them all kinds of inappropriate shit. He’d also targeted young girls in the adjoining primary school (age 6 – 7) by asking them inappropriate things. I still get freaked out when I recall that he once called me to his classroom at the end of the day, for no reason. I suspect my disobedience that time saved me from something bad.

2. ginger_with_insomnia‘s teacher clearly didn’t have a soul.

I don’t remember her name, but I do remember multiple times she was wildly inappropriate and just and asshole. I was in second grade, and my grandpa had just died. I ended up missing school because of the funeral and as a result I missed the spelling test that day. The day I got back she told me “Next time someone dies you better have the damn funeral on the weekend”. It was in a snobby nasty school district / town that never admitted they did anything wrong, but needless to say Im glad we got the fuck out of there. 🙂

3. Well at least Ikegordon‘s teacher wasn’t mean.

My algebra 2 class freshman year of high school was taught by a really dull english woman. She told us that she started teaching because it seemed easy. All she would do is turn off all the lights and read the textbook to us every day. I had it first period so naturally it became my mid-morning nap. I still wish i had learned algebra 2 though…

4. partythree probably should have consulted the principal.

I had a middle school French teacher, who may never have heard French pronounced correctly. She read every word as if it were spelled phonetically.

Beaw-cups. Mare-ki. oh-river.

Might have been funny for a day as April Fools, but she did it that way consistently and had for over 20 years by the time I got stuck in her class. What could they possibly have been thinking to let her teach her own made up mis-pronunciation language, I have no idea.

5. ElolvastamEzt‘s teacher was clearly oblivious.

My (divorced, single Mom) family moved to a small town when I was in 2nd grade. My dad was a severe alcoholic, but people didn’t know that yet.

There was a boy who was always dressed in weird combinations of hand-me-downs, and he acted out sometimes. When I asked about him, people said he was messed up, and his parents were drunks.

One day there was some sort of altercation because we had to hand in a family history thing with our parents’ notes, and his was incomplete or fucked up, and he got mad and gave up. I stood up for him, and told the teacher she was being awful (I had lied on my sheet, because I was embarrassed about my family, but he had just told everyone what was what).

I got a detention for standing up for him, and he got a 5 day suspension for arguing with the teacher and being nasty about saying what he knew about his family. That teacher had no clue about child abuse.

6. We hope Princess_Princess_Pr called the police.

The swimming instructor ogled and sometimes “accidentally” felt up the girls.

7. Princess-Rufflebutt, that sounds like child abuse.

When I was in 1st grade, I got in trouble for something in class. I don’t remember what, but it was something trivial. Her punishment was to lock me in the dark classroom during lunch so I couldn’t eat. Shit was fucked up.

8. Kim_Jong_Ugh‘s teacher might’ve sought the wrong profession.

I dont remember her name, but I had a second grade teacher who wore mini skirts and low cut shirts. She was middle aged, had bleach blond hair, and had crazy fake nails. She spent a lot of time talking about her personal life to a bunch of kids who had no idea what she was talking about.

9. Welp, jeff_the_nurse those are some serious words of encouragement.

My English teacher passed out a test once and said, “Now, kids. Let’s not be like [me] and only score a 65 on this exam.”

Gee, thanks, and fuck you, too…

10. Wow, jisgust‘s teacher permanently scarred them.

In 6th grade, my english class was starting the Holocaust unit. To help us understand the impact of it, she told us some stories from survivors of the Holocaust. During one story about a person’s experience in a concentration camp, I started crying because it reminded me of my Cambodian grandparents who had been killed in labor camps by the Khmer Rouge. My teacher immediately became pissed and yelled at me, accusing me of making fun of the Holocaust. When I told her my grandparents had died in camps, she called me an ‘attention-seeker’ and told me that this unit was not about me.

It really broke my heart, considering she had been one of my favorite teachers until that point. I couldn’t understand why she thought I was lying and how she could have ever thought I was seeking attention by talking about it. Just thinking about it makes me so upset.

11. Asiansensationz endured a serious abuse of power.

I remember growing up when physical punishment was allowed. I still remember my 3rd grade teacher who would line up students who did not do homework or didn’t do well on exams front of the whole class. She grabbed the side hair front of the ear then yanked it up and down while yelling “Do better! Work harder!” If we screamed or cried, she would hit us on the palm of our hands with a thin wooden stick then told the crying ones to wash the faces and come back when they calm down; this was more harsh towards boys.

She made me fear teachers in general. I remember when I came to the States, my parents were called to the school when I flinched when a teacher raised her hand near me; the school thought that I was being physically abused at home. I wasn’t, but I thought that the teacher was about to hit me.

12. sirdigbykittencaesar, good for you for not giving up.

Mrs. J, sophomore English. First day of class, she stated outright: “I don’t give A’s.” For this reason, kids who cared about being valedictorian always got their parents to transfer them out of Mrs. J’s class. She made damn sure that work was graded low enough that nobody could earn an A, because I guess she prided herself on being “that” teacher. Totally ruined literature for me for a long time. I ended up getting my love for words back, and eventually became a writer (who runs an online used bookstore as a side hustle). But I will never forget how incredibly hard Mrs. J tried, year after year, to “break” students simply because she could. It was a long time ago, and I sincerely hope that she’s rotting away in the world’s worst nursing home somewhere.

13. cobalt007‘s teacher sounds like she had some personal issues.

My maths teacher had a breakdown mid-lesson, tore her wig off and stormed out the room. We didn’t know she wore a wig; In hindsight it was rather a dramatic way to draw attention to it.

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