Here’s Where Each ‘Gilmore Girls’ Character Left Off, So You’re All Caught Up For The Revival

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is premiering this month (!!!), and if you’re like me, you’re probably scrambling to re-watch old episodes and make sure you’re caught up on where the show left off.

The Gilmore Girls writing team is nothing if not attentive to detail. If you need proof, just look at the recently released trailer for the revival, which features nods to Jack Kerouac (the first literary reference in the original series), as well as a shot from Richard’s memorial service featuring a table of his prized possession that includes the Chuck Berry album Rory bought him all the way back in season 3.

For that reason, you’ll want to make sure you’re up to speed on everything your favorite Stars Hollow residents were doing at the end of season 7. To make things easier on you, here’s a quickie guide to where each of the main characters left off, and a few predictions on where they’re headed in November.

1. Rory Gilmore

Where she was: When the show ended, Rory had just graduated from Yale, turned down Logan’s impromptu marriage proposal, and accepted an exciting position reporting on Barack Obama on the campaign trail.

Where she’s headed: Fans hoped we’d see Rory taking the journalism world by storm, but instead it looks like she’s going through a quarter life crisis. In the revival trailer, she’s shown chatting with Jess (!), and she tells him she’s jobless and lost. Rory may be headed for a career change, but the jury is still out on how she feels about her former boyfriends.

2. Lorelai Gilmore

Where she was: Lorelai’s Dragonfly Inn was crazy successful by the end of season 7. She also reunited with Luke at the surprise graduation bash he planned for Rory. It seemed like Luke and Lorelai were finally headed towards their happily ever after.

Where she’s headed: Lorelai is likely still running the Dragonfly, and she and Luke are definitely on, but it also seems like there’s trouble in paradise. In the teaser, Lorelai says, “I thought I knew exactly where I was going and what I wanted, but lately things seem hazy.” She might follow Rory down the path of existential crisis, but there’s also a rumored wedding taking place in the new episodes. My money it still on Luke and Lorelai ending up married.

3. Luke Danes

Where he was: Luke finished the show a successful diner owner on the road to reconciliation with his lobster, Lorelai Gilmore.

Where he’s headed: Luke and Lorelai are together, as actor Scott Patterson confirmed to People this summer. But, interestingly, Rory and Lorelai are shown in the revival trailer sipping coffee from Al’s Pancake World cups. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Maybe Luke sold his diner.

4. Emily Gilmore

Where she was: Emily finished the series with a more civil relationship with Lorelai, a granddaughter who’d just graduated from Yale, and her husband, Richard, by her side.

Where she’s headed: The revival picks up after Richard’s death (brb, crying forever). In the trailer, Emily is mourning, decluttering using the Marie Kondo method, and even (gasp!) wearing jeans. Emily Gilmore is a powerful and driven woman, which probably means she’ll channel her grief into something productive, like starting a new charity or organization. Maybe by the end of it all we’ll even get to see her learn how to use Tinder.

5. Logan Huntzberger

Where he was: When the series wrapped, Logan had just been rejected by Rory (ouch!) and was headed to sunny California to work for a new company.

Where he’s headed: Logan appeared in the revival trailer…for, like, two seconds. Lots of fans are predicting a reunion between Logan and Rory, but she did turn him down once before. There’s no guarantee either of them is waiting around for another try.

6. Jess Mariano

Where he was: Last time we saw Jess, he was a published author, shared a wayward kiss with a confused Rory, and encouraged her to get her life back on track after she took a break from Yale.

Where he’s headed: In the trailer, it looks like Jess is working in a news office. He and Rory are at least friends, but it’s hard to tell if there’s more to their relationship. During the cast reunion at the ATX Television Festival in 2015, Jess actor Milo Ventimiglia said he doesn’t think Rory should end up with Jess. Wonder if show creator Amy Sherman-Palldino took his advice?

7. Paris Geller

Where she was: After receiving a kajillion acceptance letters to various grad schools, Paris decided to attend Harvard Medical School to become a doctor. She was also planning a future with Doyle, because seriously those two were made for each other.

Where she’s headed: Paris is probably pioneering medical advances with Doyle by her side. The most recent trailer showed Rory sitting in a living room with a framed picture of Doyle on the table. That’s definitely got to be the Geller-McMaster house (Paris would never change her last name), and I’m sure they have tons of type A babies.

8. Sookie St. James

Where she was: Sookie got pregnant in season 7, thanks to Jackson lying about getting a vasectomy. She was still a boss chef and working with Lorelai at the Dragonfly, but it was obvious she was rightfully pissed about being knocked up again.

Where she’s headed: So, after everything that happened, is Sookie still with Jackson? Probably. Jackson’s return was confirmed even before Sookie’s was. I’m sure they made it through the storm.

9. Lane Kim

Where she was: Lane ended the series as a mom to adorable twin boys, Jack and Kwan. She was also married to former bandmate Zach, who was about to head out on a possibly career-changing tour with the band Vapor Rub.

Where she’s headed: Lane’s kids are older now, and she should have less on her plate. I predict a Hep Alien reunion, and the characters that formed Hep Alien actually performed together at the ATX Television Festival, so it could totally happen.

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