10 Moms Share The One Baby Registry Item They Couldn’t Live Without

When you first get pregnant, stocking up on baby gear seems totally exciting. I vividly remember heading to my local Babies ‘R’ Us right after I peed on the stick and registering for every baby wipe warmer and pair of tiny infant shoes that caught my eye.

As it turns out, babies don’t do a ton of walking, so requesting $60 infant rain boots is probably ill-advised. But, there are certain products you will need — specific products that make the process of feeding, diapering, and getting another human being to sleep way easier.

For me, it was the Fisher-Price Rock N Play.

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It’s a lightweight sleeper with a slight incline that helps the baby avoid heartburn. It fits easily by the couch or bedside, it rocks and plays music, and it’s fully collapsable. Basically, I wouldn’t have survived the newborn phase without it. I loved it so much, I used it with both of my kids.

Each parent figures out their own favorite products, but when you’re putting a registry together or shopping for a bestie’s new baby, it’s helpful to read what other moms and dads couldn’t live without. Here, 10 moms reveal the essential baby registry items that helped them survive new motherhood.

1. A good stroller

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“We lived in Chicago and walked EVERYWHERE! We had a Chicco stroller/car seat combo set. It lasted well over three years, and I literally pushed that thing through mountains of snow. We didn’t drive many places because of parking hassles, and the stroller had a huge basket in the bottom so I could load it up with 3-4 huge bags of groceries. I also think long walks helped me survive postpartum depression. That stroller seriously saved my life, and I’m only being a little hyperbolic.” – Christie O.

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2. The Ultimate Crib Sheet

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“The Summer Infant Ultimate Crib Sheet is the best thing ever. It’s a sheet, mattress cover, and waterproof pad all in one, and it attaches to the crib with little elastic straps that snap and unsnap so you don’t have to completely strip the crib to change the sheet. Babies go through lots of sheets, and I didn’t have to deal with changing a fitted sheet in the middle of the night once. I could even do it one-handed while holding the baby. It’s my go-to gift for baby showers now.” – Lizz P.

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3. A swing

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“Every new parent needs a swing so you can finally put the baby down! I had one that could swing both horizontally and vertically. It also made jungle sounds, which I found soothing.” – Elizabeth C.

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4. Swaddling blankets

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“I loved two swaddling products: SwaddleMe Swaddlers and Aden + Aden swaddle blankets. The swaddler was great because it was super easy to use and kept my baby comfy and cozy at night. If that was dirty, then the swaddle blankets were large, airy, and perfect for swaddling in a hurry.” – Denise G.

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5. Lanolin nipple cream

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“If you’re planning on breastfeeding, you need Lanolin. It protects your nipples from tiny gums while you’re perfecting your latch, and it helps heal cracked nipples.” – Cheryl P.

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6. Formula

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“If you’re planning on using formula, put it on your list. It’s expensive, and I don’t think a lot of people know that you can register for it!” – Claire Z.

7. A sling or wrap carrier

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“My baby sling made running errands a breeze. Chores were also much easier with a happy, snuggly baby, and without having to lug around a heavy carrier or baby seat.” – Lauren S.

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8. A high chair/booster

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“I am a huge fan of those high chairs that can hook to a chair and convert to a booster. They’re super handy for both home and travel. You can also put it on the floor when the baby first starts sitting up to help them practice and gain neck strength. I used the fuck out of ours.” – Valerie M.

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9. A handheld vacuum

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“This sounds so weird, but I highly recommend registering for a handheld vacuum. Kids are messy as hell, even when they’re little. I use our handy vac way more often than I’ve ever used any other ‘baby’ products.” – Megan Z.

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10. Burp cloths

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“If there’s one thing you absolutely need, it’s burp cloths. So. Much. Spit-up. Everywhere.” – Katelyn F.

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