6 Questions I Still Have About Kim K’s ‘Return’ To Social Media

Following her highly-publicized and traumatic robbery in Paris, Kim Kardashian has been laying low and staying out of the spotlight. A source even disclosed to People that Kim has “zero desire to resume her old life.”

Following such a finite statement, we all assumed that Kim was retreating into her shell, and wondered if she would ever return to social media or reenter the public arena to bless us all with her viral presence.

Unsurprisingly, Kim’s “laying low” stage was pretty short-lived.

Well, sort of. Kim made a valiant return to social media on Monday, posting a photo of herself lounging in a chair and looking at a smartphone with the caption “#LumeeCollab.” Over the course of 16 hours, the post received over 207,000 likes.

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But, then, something weird happened: the post was deleted.

Kim then shared a throwback video of herself and Kourtney wearing Halloween costumes when they were kids … which was also deleted?

If this is supposedly Kim’s return to the spotlight following her (albeit brief) hiatus, it seems weird to post and delete multiple Facebook statuses. This unusual tactic has naturally prompted me to pose a few questions about Kim’s social media rebound:

1. Is this even Kim who’s posting this stuff?

If Kim has chosen to voluntarily avoid the spotlight, is it really that unfathomable that her assistant is posting to Facebook for her? We don’t even know if we’re actually getting genuine #KardashianKontent here, so perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to welcome “Kim” back to Facebook.

2. If it really is Kim, why does she keep deleting her posts?

Is the pressure of returning to her solidified status of Social Media Goddess just too much? I understand that the mantle might be too heavy to bear, but you just can’t give us posts and then jerk them out from under our noses like that, Kim!

3. Is Kim trying to turn every social media platform into Snapchat??

I wouldn’t put it past her, honestly. Kim is such a Snapchat pro that it wouldn’t be that far-fetched if she just decided to constantly post Facebook statuses and then delete them after a short period of time. IS KIM CREATING SOCIAL MEDIA HYBRIDS?

4. Is Kim’s collaboration with LuMee actually just her sitting in a chair?

I mean, we should address this photo that got deleted. It literally just shows Kim sitting in a chair with what may or may not be a LuMee phone case. Is this an actual collaboration, or is Kim just pimping out her phone case to all of her followers? I don’t know, it probably isn’t important anyway!!!

5. Is Halloween witchcraft a significant part of Kim’s “return” in any way?

I’m not explicitly stating that there is a spiritual element to Kim’s social media resurrection, but I’m not NOT saying that, either.

6. Did she know I would have all of these questions and pull this brilliant social media move to troll me on purpose???

Yeah, you know what? She probably did. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: regardless of your feelings about Kim or her lifestyle, the woman is a PR genius.

After all — she got you to read this freakin’ post, didn’t she?

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