The Facepalm Emoji Is Finally Coming To Save Us All

With the release of the latest iPhone 7, a slew of software updates was bound to follow. The iOS 10.2 will probably be the first of many and is said to include over 70 new emojis that we so desperately needed.

The avocado, pregnant woman, and soon to be the most used emoji ever: the facepalm are just a few that will be available. No longer will you have to justify your ex with a response when he hits you with that “hey, you up?” text at 2am, you can just send him a facepalm emoji. He’ll get the message, hopefully.

Apple released a developer preview of iOS 10.2. today which will include the facepalm and selfie emojis.


Though the public release date for the iPhone and iPad software hasn’t been announced yet, it’s been confirmed that there are 72 new emojis in iOS 10.2 beta.

72 new emojis people! We may never have to write out a message again.

These are just a few of the new emojis that will be available in five different skin tone/hair color combinations.

Pregnant woman:




Female Firefighter:


Female Pilot:


Female Farmer:


According to emojipedia, 16 new professions are supported, which appear as 32 emojis on the keyboard. About time Apple gave us some more female professionals.

iOS 10.2 also supports most of the emojis available in Unicode 9, including a fox, avocado, and an owl.

ios10 avocado fox owl emojipedia The Facepalm Emoji Is Finally Coming To Save Us All

Okay, that fox might be my new favorite emoji. He’s unbelievably adorable. To anyone who texts me, from now on I will only be speaking in fox. Sorry not sorry.

In addition to the new emojis, some pre-existing ones such as the race car, train, and plane will be given a redesign.

 transport emojis ios10 emojipedia The Facepalm Emoji Is Finally Coming To Save Us All

Emojipedia says the new art style is more bulbous, with sharp details which are beautiful. While it’s a shame to lose some of the handcrafted details of the original set, this new 3D-style set looks like a cohesive collection for the first time.

Food emojis will also be given a “face lift.”


Ahem, that wine looks so real we might just need a glass.

As will the animals…


Ummm is that Harambe!?


Both Google and Apple have been working to expand the diversity of their emoji characters by including more skin tones and gender options.

facepalm emoji ios10 emojipedia The Facepalm Emoji Is Finally Coming To Save Us All

Now you’ll be able to facepalm 10 different ways.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, keep an eye out for the iOS 10.2 update!

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