Let’s All Take A Breather From Election Season With Some Soothing Gifs

We’ve all been there: it’s already 3 pm, you still haven’t eaten lunch, your boss is asking for a status update on the weekly report, the kids wanna know what’s for dinner, and you’ve been holding your bladder for the last 4 hours. And if that isn’t enough, Trump and Hilary are conspiring to slowly drive you batshit insane.

Breathe. You’re going to get through it. And if someone casually says to you “Don’t you wish there were more hours in the day?” just chuckle, watch these gifs, and resist the urge to punch said coworker in their stupid face.

Next stop: Relaxation Station.

1. First, slow down your heart rate.

2. Now let all your anxiety float away like these carefree orcas.

3. Feel your worries sweep past you like the tide.

4. Give your mind permission to wander off track.

5. Sink into your seat and try to feel every atom of your body.

6. Let stress and anxiety wash off of you like waves in the ocean.

7. Change your perspective: it’s ok to take time for yourself.

8. Remember there’s an infinite universe out there…

9. and we’re all just here to enjoy the ride.

10. Imagine the pitter-patter of cleansing rain.

11. And remember to keep breathing.

12. Feel the push and pull of your lungs within your chest.

13. Everything that demands your attention is now rolling past you.

14. And you are in a place of complete relaxation.

15. And don’t forget, there’s always wine.

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